10 Rejuvenating Resorts in Yercaud

An enchanting hill station in Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is a wonderful place to reconnect to the beckoning nature. The town is located on the majestic Shevaroys hill range, a part of the vast Eastern Ghats. Popularly called the “jewel of the south,” the hill station is an incredible amalgamation of a shimmering lake, surrounded by dense forest cover on all its sides. An abundance of endemic flora and fauna can be found here making it a treasure chest of nature’s riches. The hill station is a beautiful combination of waterfalls, greenery, rugged hills and altogether scenic views. A cluster of rocks form a natural “seat,” (called Lady’s Seat) in this elegant hill station, from which one can gorge over the unprecedented and surreal views of the hills.

Such enigmatic beauty in a hill station compels you to stay at one of the very best resorts. Yercaud offers to its visitors a delightful collection of splendid resorts for making their stay ever more memorable.

1. Grange Resort

Grange Resort
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Set in the midst of a fragrant coffee estate, The Grange Resort is deemed to be one of the best in Yercaud. Sitting in its lawn, plump with green life, against a backdrop of heart-piercing mountains is one of the many reasons for you to plan your stay in this resort. The resort grows its own organic vegetables and brings the succulent flavor of the earth right to your dining tables. The most attractive part of this resort however lies in its famous “Tree Top Adventure.” A series of rope obstacles, entangled in trees, this fun experience is suitable for all ages.

2. Greenberry Resort

Greenberry Resort
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Located strategically to help you enjoy some of the mesmerizing views of Yercaud, the Greenberry Resort is an elegant resort with sophisticated interiors and lovely gardens. The restaurant offers some delectable dishes for the pleasur of your palate. One of its many striking features is the organization of sightseeing expeditions, where you can be assured of not missing out on any point of interest in Yercaud. Although the tranquility of this resort will make it difficult for you to leave its comfortable grip at all!

3. Golden Nest Resort

Golden Nest Resort
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One of the most spell bounding resorts in Yercaud, Golden Nest resort is glistened with panoramic views of the hills, a serene restaurant and some great recreational facilities. From the windows of your nest of gold, enjoy breathtaking moments at the sight of the majestic mountains. The Dine-In-Cliff restaurant offers a bewildering experience for both your taste buds and your eyes. While seated at this restaurant, you can feast on delicious food and all the while enjoy praise-worthy views of the lovely scenery. The resort also organizes campfires and barbeques for those intimate evenings.

4. La Four Seasons

La Four Seasons
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A wooden wonderland of endless beauty, La Four Seasons is a visual gift to all its visitors. With spacious villas built from red and brown stone bricks, surrounded by well-sculpted landscapes, a stay at this resort is no less than a vibrant dream. It seems that the resort has been built by the artistic eye of a painter, with hues of greens, browns and whites dancing around at every corner. Enjoy a dazzling swim in the pool, surrounded by tall pine and oak trees. The resort even has an exquisite man-made waterfall.

5. Clifton Inn Resort

Clifton Inn Resort
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The Clifton Inn Resort can easily be one of the most idyllic resorts in Yercaud. Owing to its unmatched hospitality, its voluminous suites and sophisticated interiors, this resort is a favorite among travelers of South Indian hill stations. It even organizes trekking and sightseeing expeditions for its visitors ensuring a thorough immersion in this astounding hill station. The evening bonfires are a delight for the guests, who can then rejoice in the celebration of life at this resort.

6. The Lake Forest Resort

The Lake Forest Resort
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A stunningly beautiful resort with the solitude and privacy that you crave for, The Lake Forest Resort captures the natural charms of Yercaud that is served with a seasoning of man’s luxuries to its guests. One of the key attractions in this resort is the numerous activities they organize including nature walks and camping. The evenings here are filled with dancing, singing, fun and frolic in the luscious lawns of this resort.

7. The Regent Hill Side Resort

The Regent Hill Side Resort
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The humble abode of nature, the Regent Hill Side Resort’s beauty lies in the scenic views it provides of both the rich wilderness as well as the Yercaud Lake in all its glory. The lip-smacking delicacies served at this restaurant are cooked with the authentic South Indian flavor.  The green landscaping of the resort make trekking through its elegant routes a truly surreal experience.

8. GRT Nature Trails – Sky Rocca

GRT Nature Trails – Sky Rocca
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Surrounded by dense forests and built with luxurious rooms, the GRT Nature Trails is a paradise disguised as a resort. You can breathe in the delicious smell of coffee from the coffee estates adjoining the resort. A flawless mixture of hospitality and comforts, this resort is everything you could ever ask for and more. The blue pool is embraced by lush greenery that makes every dip you take in its waters truly therapeutic.

9. Grand Palace Resort

Grand Palace Resort
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The grandeur of the Grand Palace Resort is not just limited to its name, it seeps deep into its very essence. One of the few resorts to offer crystal clear views of the Yercaud Lake, the resort is the perfect place to enjoy the tranquility of this hill station. The resort provides a blissful spa experience and is aptly named Bliss Spa. You can also enjoy a number of indoor and outdoor games such as volley ball, badminton and rifle shooting, to name a few.

10. Bison Woods

Bison Woods
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A blue sky dotted with twinkling lights, this is a sight that many city dwellers yearn for in a hill station. Bison Woods is a resort that fulfills this desire in a splendid fashion. Providing exquisite cottages in the form of tents, the hanging lamps strung across each tent will mimic a starry night sky. So, kick back in your cozy hammocks and let yourself be embraced by the hugging trees. You can walk or even cycle through the stone paths and be blown over by the sheer brilliance of the place.

Yercaud is a rare beauty whose charms will stay with you long after you leave its captivating aura. In between those breathless moments of awe, catch your breath in any of these relaxing resorts and enhance your Yercaud experience.

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