Kailasanathar Temple, Kanchipuram

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Serenity, Divinity, Architecture
  • Entrance Fee: No fee for this place of worship
  • Visiting Time: 6 AM to 12 PM and then from 4 PM to 7 PM
  • Visit Duration: 1 hour to 2 hours

The Kailasanathar Temple is one of the prime attractions within the Land of Thousand Temples, Kanchipuram, located in the state of Tamil Nadu. It was built for Lord Shiva who is known as Kailasanathar in the temple, during the Pallava dynasty which ruled over this region. The temple, with its intricate designing was constructed with sandstone during the period of 680 AD to 705 AD, under the Pallava ruler Rajasimhar. Consisting of about 60 shrines, the temple attracts tourists from all over the country and also foreigner visitors in large numbers. The prime attraction of this temple is its innermost pathway which circles the idol of Kailasanathar, and signifies the entrance of a person and his exit from Paradise. With an amazingly serene environment, and an ancient Dravidan architectural style, this temple is one of the epitomes of divinity which has got to be visited at least once in your lifetime.

Kailashnathar Temple
Photo by Keshav Mukund Kandhadai, CC BY 2.0

Traveler Tips

  • The ground can be really hot during the afternoons, and hence it is advised to visit in the mornings or evenings.
  • The circular pathway is a little low and has to be circulated by crawling over the pathway.

Things to Do

  • Marvel at the beautiful architecture of the premises which has got a lot of statues built into the circumambulatory path outside the main shrine.
  • Look into the huge Nandi statue as well as the small pond which is located near the Nandi but is prevented from visitors getting into it by barbed wire.
  • The green lawn which is around the premises is a place to just sit down and relax within the serene environment.
  • A large number of parrots can be found on the premises of the temple if visited in the morning.
  • Click some really great photographs in the beautiful backdrop which consists of amazing architecture and greenery.
  • The local shops which are located just outside the temple sell a huge variety of small statues, local handicraft items and great souvenirs which can be collected.
  • Eat out at the numerous eateries which have got great South Indian cuisines to be tasted.

Availability of Guides

There are a number of local guides available who cater to the needs of the tourists by explaining the history of the temple and the religious rituals that need to be followed for the pujas.

Best Time to Visit

Even though the temple can be visited throughout the year, during the month of March, Shivrathri is celebrated with great grandeur in the temple, making it the perfect time to witness the temple in all its glory. Kanchipuram is a location which experiences really hot summers and mild monsoons. The best time to experience the mild climate of the region would be during the winter months of November to February.

How to Reach

Located within the Shiva Kanchi region of Kancheepuram, the temple is situated at Pilayar Palayam. Kanchipuram is located just about 75 kilometers away from the capital of the state, Chennai. The nearest airport to this city is the Meenambakam Airport in Chennai. The Kanchipuram Bus Stand is just 5 kilometers away from the temple and has got buses from Bangalore, Chennai, Vellore, Tirupati etc. Kanchipuram can also be reached by rail with the railway station being about 8 kilometers away from the temple.

Interesting Facts and Trivia about the Kailasanathar Temple

  • The temple is locally also known as the Sand Temple due to the sandstone used in its construction.
  • The Shiva Lingam which is present in the main shrine has the feature of having sixteen faces and is ten feet high.
  • This temple stands for the Ketu planet amongst the nine Shaiva kshetras (nine temples) with each of them standing for one of the nine planets.
  • Circling the innermost pathway is believed to guarantee Moksha after death.
Kailashnathar Temple Kanchipuram
Photo by Senthil Kumar,  CC BY-SA 2.0

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With an architecture and design which can mesmerize any visitor, this temple is one of the most alluring attractions of the city. A large number of devotees visit the temple due to its religious prominence and also its dazzling structure.

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