Top 5 Things to Do in Chandigarh

The joint capital of the Punjab and the Haryana states, Chandigarh was the first planned modern city of India. It was designed by the French architect, Le Corbusier. Situated at the base of Siwalik Hills, Chandigarh has a picturesque view. As the weather shows an extremist nature during the summer and the winter, the best season to visit the city is autumn, i.e., mid-September to mid-November. During your Chandigarh visit, you can keep these five things in your priority list.

1. Visit the Rock Garden

Photo by Klaus Nahr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Nek Chand Rock Garden in Chandigarh displays such sculptures for which saying ‘wonderful’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘amazing’ is simply not enough! It is a surreal height of a man’s imagination and dream that has been portrayed in his works. Nek Chand, a transport official, started his work in 1957 and spent almost 20 years in making his sculptures in complete seclusion, because it was something out of the world!

The wonderful part is that the sculptures are made from debris, stones and discarded junk! Concrete, steel drums, broken sinks, light switches—all have been used to create artistic masterpieces! So, once you are in Chandigarh, visiting the Rock garden will be a lifetime asset.

2. Tour in the Park

Zakir Hussain Rose garden, Photo by Harvinder Chandigarh, CC BY-SA 4.0

Being a well-planned city in the true sense, Chandigarh has ample space for the worn-out soul, to take a fresh breath. It has a number of enchanting parks and gardens. The Zakir Hussain Rose garden is enriched with 1500 rose varieties. The Garden of Fragrance overpowers the senses with Jasmine and Damask Rose. The Bougainvillea Garden is not only a park of refreshment; it also pays tribute to the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in the cross-border conflict.

3. Pay Visit to the Museums

Government Museum and Art Gallery, Photo by Manuel Menal, CC BY-SA 2.0

Chandigarh having a historical significance, houses a number of museums and art galleries. Take a tour to The National Gallery of Portraits to witness ageless works of painting. The National History Museum displays fossils, model dinosaurs and also different art creations. It would be a place of wonder for the children. Chandigarh Architecture Museum has documented the story of the city’s creation and planning, through several drawings, letters, newspaper cutout etc. If you love to go back to the unseen ages, Chandigarh will enrich your vision.

4. Savor the Delicacies

Chandigarh is a foodie’s heaven with a number of excellent restaurants sprawling all over the city. You can taste the authentic North Indian delicacies if you love that spicy twist with masala and a lot of ghee, butter and cream! Ghazal, Punjabi Restaurant, Tehal Singh’s Chicken, Mehfil etc are the famous destinations for spicy eating out. To have some fun, visit the Indian Coffee House. And if you are a sweet-lover, there is the Sai Sweets to savor sweet delicacies.

5. Shopping at Chandigarh

Elante Mall, Photo by Barthateslisa, CC BY-SA 4.0

A family tour is incomplete without shopping. And Chandigarh being such a well-constructed city, has vast choices for the shopaholics. The big Elante mall is there for shopping and hangout. There are other gorgeous shops for fabric, dresses and accessories. You will also find different interesting handicraft items.

So, these are the five activities to make your Chandigarh tour enjoyable!

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