Top 5 Places To Visit In Panipat

There is much more to Panipat than the famous battles fought on its frontiers. Legend has it, Panipat was one of the five cities founded by the Pandavas during Mahabharata. Known for its rich history and its monuments. While sharing a bit of history from all the major empires that ruled India once upon a time, from the Mughals to the Marathas, Panipat is a the place to go for history buffs who want to experience the remains of its glorious past. The place boasts of countless monuments ranging from forts to temples. The five best places to visit in Panipat are:

1. Tomb of Ibrahim Lodhi

The first battle of Panipat was fought between Ibarahim Lodhi and Babur. Legend has it that Sher Shah Suri very regretfully could not erect a tomb for the fallen emperor. Many do not know that Ibrahims Lodhi’s tomb isn’t in the Sheesh Gumbad within the Lodhi gardens in Delhi but is actually situated near the Tehsil office in Panipat. It is a plain rectangular structure built on a high platform. The British had to relocate it because of the construction of the Grand Trunk road and added an urdu inscription which highlighted Lodhi’s death in the first battle of Panipat.

2. Tomb of Bu-Ali Shah Qalandar

Every Thursday prayers are offered at the Dargah of Shah Kalandar Khizar Khan, son of Allah-uh-din Khilji who had commissioned the construction of this tomb. There are other tombs of Hakim Mukaram Khan and Khwaja Altaf Hussain Hali in the premises as well. Integral to Islamic history, the tomb attracts a lot of crowd who come here to offer prayers.

3. Devi Temple

Devoted to a local goddess, Devi temple has been an important part of the folklore in Hindu culture. Said to be constructed by a Maratha king, the temple is about 250 years old. Its architecture is unique and beautiful, which is why many pilgrims come here to witness its beauty. Located quite centrally in tehsil camp Panipat, Devi temple is a must visit while you are in Panipat.

4. The Panipat Museum

The Panipat Museum is home to a lot of precious artefacts and showcases the history of the region. It is a living testimony to the kind of battles, empires and religions that have made Panipat the battleground of the historical amalgamation of cultures.

5. Kabuli Bagh Mosque

Photo by Ramesh lalwani, CC BY-SA 3.0

The bagh has a mosque within its premises which is said to be built by Babur to celebrate his victory over Lodhi. This mosque is the first Mughal monument to be built in india. The gateway is built with red sandstone and has intricate work on the huge arch. The monument has an inscription that mentions the name of the ruler and also the details about the builders. During the reign of Humayun, a platform was added and it was called “chabutra-i-fateh-mubarak”. The main prayer hall inside the building is square in shape and has annexes on its sides. The mosque has octagonal towers on its corners and an entrance to the north. The bagh attracts a lot of tourists for its historical importance and beauty alike.

Panipat has a lot to offer as a city which has witnessed much of what India’s history has come to become. It is not just one of the biggest cities of Haryana, it is also known as the city of weavers for being the largest center for quality blankets and carpets in India. Even the Bhagavad Gita mentions Panipat in its first verse as “Dharmakshetra”. Visit Panipat for a walk down memory lane and witness the original setting for Hindu mythology as well as Mughal and Maratha culture.

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