Top 5 Places to Visit in Narnaul

Narnaul is famous for the battle between the British and Rao Tula Ram of Rewari in 1857, considered to be one of the most important fights during the uprising of 1857. It is located in the district of Mahendragarh, Haryana and is a few hours away from New Delhi. The city is very rich in natural resources and the area is also known for its impeccable sports facilities where many National level athletes prepare for their tournaments. Let us look at this city’s top five places to visit-

1. Khalda Wale Hanuman

The Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is situated on the Narnaul-Singhara highway. The focus point of the area is the statue of Lord Hanuman located on the very top of a hillock from the Aravali range. Khalda Wale Hanuman temple is very popular amongst tourists and is visited by hundreds of devotes throughout the year. Food and lodging facilities can be found nearby and tourists can also visit the nearby Doshi hills while visiting the temple.

2. Jal Mahal

Photo by Priyanka1tamta, CC BY-SA 3.0

Located in Purani Mandi of the Narnaul city, the Jal Mahal is a palace in the middle of a water tank that is called the Khan sarovar. Built by Nawab Shah Quil Khan, the main entrance has Persian inscriptions on it. There are four staircases on each side; the roof of the chamber inside is in an octagonal shape. Constructed during the reign of Akbar in 1590-91 AD, the tank was added later.

3. Chor Gumbad

The Chor Gumbad is the most famous monument in Narnaul, situated on a hill top towards the North of the town. Considered to be the landmark of the town, the Gumbad has four minarets on each side and has a veranda running along the entire monument. Constructed by Afghan Jamal Khan, the original monument was probably used as a tomb. The structure was probably built under Firoz Shah Tughlaq and currently does not house any grave inside. The monument is definitely a place that one should visit to experience the intricate architecture of the building as well as the beautiful minarets that grace the erstwhile tomb. It is located on the Singhana road in Jamalpur area.

4. Birbal ka Chatta

Photo by Priyanka1tamta, CC BY-SA 3.0

Built by Ray-i-Rayan Mukand Dass, erstwhile Diwan of Narnaul, when Shah Jahan ruled in 1628 AD, Birbal ka Chatta is a beautiful structure with five stories and many rooms as well as halls. There is a marble fountain outside that has beautiful lights adorning it. The marble used in the building is luminous white that adds charm to the structure. Legend has it that the building once housed tunnels to Jaipur that Akbar and Birbal often used. The structure has been named after is also known as Chhatta of Birbal.

5. Mirza Alijan’s takht an Baoli

Mirza Alijan’s takht an Baoli is a water tank built by Mirza Ali, when he was the Nawab of Narnaul, during the rule of Akbar known to be one of the very famous monuments of that time. The main building is shaped like an arch and has the ‘takht’ as well as a ‘chhatri’ on pillars. The ‘takht’ is on the main entrance to the baoli and the baoli further extends into the well. Located in the Chota-Bada Talab area in the city, the boali as well as the monument with it is a lovely sight to witness. Said to be built around 1556-1605 AD, the monument is definitely worth a visit!

Narnaul is a royal city; both in the past and in the present, with monuments that go back to the 14th century and legends that go further back in time. The city has much to offer from mosques to monuments to baolis and more. The city is very warm towards visitors and the best time to visit it is during the winters. A perfect weekend getaway, Narnaul is magic waiting to happen!

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