Top 5 Places To Visit In Sonipat

Located just 28 Kms from Delhi, Sonipat is said to be formerly named as “Swarnaprastha” which roughly translates into “golden city”. It was said to be built by the five Pandava brothers during the time of the Mahabharata. Legend has it that the city belongs to Raja Soni who was a descendant of Arjuna. Having a lot of historical value, Sonipat is bustling city which was carved out of Rohtak. There is evidence that the city has been in existence since around 600 BC, as it finds a mention in Ashtadhyayi, written by the great grammarian Panini. The top five places to visit in Sonipat are:

1. Tomb of Khwaja Khizr

The tomb of Khwaja Khizr is the place where the remains of the saint and the son of Darya Khan are placed. He is said to have lived under the rule of Ibrahim Lodhi. The structure is made of red sandstone and has typical Mughal architectural designs. The premises are lined by gardens that are about 4 acres wide. The whole monument is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

2. Mosque of Abdullah Nasir

Located on the outskirts of the city, the Mosque of Abdullah Nasir is on the oldest muslim shrines. Although, the structure lies unprotected, the shrine is a beautiful specimen of Mughal Architecture. It I said to be made in the honour of a saint named Abdullah Nasir Ud Din who had been the successor of Mushid of Iran.

3. Dargah Mamu Bhanja

The tomb is of Hazrat Imam Nasiruddin and his nephew, Ibrahim. The dargah is decorated with multi colored floral designs. The inner chamber is surrounded by a dome shaped building that is built on a small drum that is octagonal. The dargah is also surrounded by a beautiful garden. The monument is now protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

4. Chokhi Dhani

Spread over 1.5 acres of land, Chokhi Dhani is a one stop destination for an experience of a typical Rajasthani village way of life. It brings to life the rajasthani heritage and culture. There are village bazaars, folk music and dance, animal rides, mehendi services and open lawns that look beautiful and majestic. Chokhi Dhani is a unique concept that brings together a village themed entertainment park that is truly one of its kind. Visit Chokhi Dhani for a wonderful ethnic experience.

5. Murthal

The piping hot paranthe from the many dhabas across the nation highway in Murthal are now a brand of their own. These dhabas appear on the left while driving from Delhi to Punjab. Some of the more famous ones are Haveli and Amrik Sukhdev. These paranthas are served with sides of pickles and dahi. These heavenly delicacies are well worth the 48kms drive from Delhi.

Experience Sonipat as an amalgamation of all things a tourist place should have, from Mughal architecture to village-themed entertainment parks, Sonipat has it all. Perfect for a drive down from the National Capital for a day out, Sonipat is much more than just a small city in Haryana and has a lot things to offer.

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