Top 5 Places to Visit in Sohna

Sohna in the Indian state of Haryana is known for its proximity to the National Capital of Delhi as well as its temples, forts and most importantly, its hot water springs. The place is well connected to Gurgaon and can easily be reached from any part of the country. Known for the annual Vintage Car festival held here every February, the town is also known for the water springs that are a major attraction. Let us look at the top 5 places to visit in Sohna.

1. Dumdama Lake

Photo by Ekabhishek, CC BY-SA 3.0

Situated about 21 kilometres from Gurgaon, Dumdama lake is known as a popular picnic spot surrounded by hillocks and greenery. The lake has boating facilities, zorbing and other such adventure sports. The picnic spot is popular among families who come down for a lovely day out. Maintained by the tourism department of Haryana government, the lake also has a little restaurant where one can buy snacks and soft-drinks and enjoy the lovely landscape.

2. Sohna Lake and Water Springs

The name Sohna is derived from the local folklore that says that the sands here are filled with gold. The water spring here has sulphur in it which has many remedial and medicinal properties. The hot sulphur water is known to have cures for skin diseases of various kinds. The springs are located at the footsteps of a rock and have been modernised with a sauna and spa complex. The facilities include steam baths as well. Complete with a Mini-Swimming pool, the springs are a major tourist destination.  Bookings for a stay have to be done prior to coming to the springs. Perfect for a getaway, the water springs are a relaxing way to spend the weekend.

3. Adventure Camp Sohna

Tucked away in a small part of the city, the adventure camp offers its visitors the exciting life of camping and trekking as well as rock climbing. Popular amongst corporate getaways, the camp has a rope course, paintball area and mountain rappelling as well. The food and snacks here are delicious and the stay inside tents gives the feeling of living at a hill-station just a few hours away from Delhi! A must-visit in Sohna, the adventure camp is great for a lovely weekend out!

4. Sohna Hill Fort

The Sohna Hill fort or the Bharatpur Hill fort of Sohna is located near Sohna town in the Aravali range. The ruins of the fort are situated atop a hill. The Highway 71B has the bastions of the fort on its sides and the ruins are a wonderful sight to behold. Demolished and built again multiple times, the ruins are a perfect place for a lovely evening. They are the remainders of the legacy of the erstwhile princely Bharatpur state. A visit to these ruins is absolutely worth the time.

5. Kamboj Ruins of Sohna

The ruins of Khamboj have immense historical significance. The people of Kambol were the royal elite under the Lodhi and Mughal empires. They settled around the areas next to Shona and built lavish houses and buildings. The ruins are from the time when the Britishers raided the area and under the Jat rulers as well, when the community slowly lost its patronage. The beautiful remains are a must-visit for history buffs as well as people who want to learn more about the heritage of the place.

Sohna offers a myriad of fun-filled activities for tourists, the best part about the township is that it is easily accessible from anywhere in the country. The city has many temples and mosques that are exquisite. The beautiful landscape of the town is an incentive for you to pack your bags and come down to Sohna for everything from adventure sports to ancient ruins of forts to vintage cars! The lovely city of Sohna has something to offer to each one of its visitors!

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