Top 5 Places to Visit in Abohar

A mélange of three distinct Indian cultures, namely those of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, come together in a beautiful symphony of togetherness at Abohar. It is touched by the sand dunes of Rajasthan on one border and the fertile, green plains of Haryana and Punjab at the other. Receiving the Sutlej River’s service to its territory, Abohar is a city of both natural as well as historical importance. Buried deep within its soil is a rich history, as well as an entire palace, of the Suryavanshi King: Aabu Chandni. Located close to the India-Pakistan border, the place has seen its share of bloodshed and then subsequent brotherhood among people of different faiths, ethnicities and beliefs. The place is a prominent location for a number of spirituality seekers as it houses serene worship grounds for a number of religions. Abohar is a peaceful town, offering you a glimpse of India’s heterogeneous reality, that is surely of immense value to a curious traveller, ready to marvel at the myriad hues of Indian culture.

Visit these 5 places in Abohar for a surreal holiday experience.

1. Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary

Standing as a testimony to the power of local involvement in government projects, the Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is a reminder for the great feats India’s tribal communities can achieve. The Bishnoi community is actively involved in the protection and conservation of this forest and its species, from human predators. The sanctuary is the humble abode of nature, providing habitat to the endangered black buck deer, nilgai and porcupines; among other species. Enjoy your jungle safari at this green sanctuary and delight in the sights of the untamed wild.

2. Panj Peer Tibba Shrine

A pillar of brotherhood, the Panj Peer Tibba Shrine is a moving place of worship that serves not only people’s religious sentiments but also beckons their diverse Indian identity. The shrine of Muslim saints is looks after by a Hindu family and revered by members of all religions. A tomb is located close to the shrine. This famous shrine is visited by tourists to understand and possibly experience the rich legacy of the Panj Peers in Abohar.

3. Nehru Park

In the midst of all the history revelry, stands the beautiful Nehru Park, perfect for a day’s outing with your loved ones. The huge green landscape of the park is enchanting and soothing for everyone who visits it. You will be mesmerised by the big trees and even bigger lawns at this park. The most prominent park in all of Abohar, this place is a must visit if you wish to spend hours of cherished frolicking with your loved ones.

4. Johri Mandir

The most famous temple, located on the old Fazika road in Abohar is a celebrated temple for all religions. The chief dirty in this temple is that of Lord Hanuman. People of all ages and regions flock the premises of this temple to seek blessings from the deity. Be sure to give Johri Mandir a visit to experience the diverse Abohar culture is its full form.

5. Gurdwara Bad Tirath Sahib

The most ancient Gurdwara of Abohar, Gurdwara Bad Tirath Sahib is closely linked to the first and the tenth Sikh Guru. The small pool of water located within the Gurdwara, called the Sarovar, is believed to have once quenched the thirst of the Sikh Guru. Many devotees now take a holy dip in its waters. The Gurdwara is beautifully constructed with white marble stones and is a significant site in Abohar. Be sure to visit its enchanting aura to satisfy your spiritual needs when you visit the charming city of Abohar.

Abohar is a quaint town, with scanty population, offering zero interference between you and the beautiful town. You can be sure to come back from this trip feeling rejuvenated, enriched and touched about the brotherhood that prevails across man-made borders. Immerse yourself in the humanity of Abohar and emerge revitalized.

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