Top 5 Places to Visit in Abohar

A mélange of three distinct Indian cultures, namely those of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, come together in a beautiful symphony of togetherness at Abohar. It is touched by the sand dunes of Rajasthan on one border and the fertile, green plains of Haryana and Punjab at the other. Receiving the Sutlej River’s service to its territory, Abohar is a city of both natural as well as historical importance. Buried deep within its soil is a rich history, as well as an entire palace, of the Suryavanshi King: Aabu Chandni. Located close to the India-Pakistan border, the place has seen its share of bloodshed and then subsequent brotherhood among people of different faiths, ethnicities and beliefs. The place is a prominent location for a number of spirituality seekers as it houses serene worship grounds for a number of religions. Abohar is a peaceful town, offering you a glimpse of India’s heterogeneous reality, that is surely of immense value to a curious traveller, ready to marvel at the myriad hues of Indian culture.

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