Top 10 Resorts in Alibag

Alibag isn’t an insanely popular tourist destination for no reason. It has given enough travelling goals to the youth of recent times for them to enjoy an adventurous yet tranquil time on the beaches of Alibag. With a beauty that is unmatched when it comes to a weekend retreat, Alibag is home to numerous resorts that are sure to provide you a fun-filled getaway. With opulent as well as budget resorts scattered all over the quaint little Alibag, there is a lot to choose from and a lot to devour. Without further ado, let us take a good look at some of the best resorts in Alibag for your next trip.

1. Jogalekar Cottages

Jogalekar Cottages
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If you’re the kind of person who looks for a home away from home during a holiday, Jogalekar Cottages will be the perfect place for that. The cosy atmosphere of this absolutely fantastic resort in Alibag has earned praises galore for its impeccable service, homey feeling and food that you can’t resist asking second helpings for. Jogalekar Cottages is a resort that gives its guests the ideal feeling of staying at a beach house on the Awas Beach in Alibag. It’ll make you forget all your past and future troubles with the kind of kind hospitality it offers to the guests.

2. Radisson Resorts and Spa

Radisson Resorts and Spa
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Have a taste of true luxury at the reputed Radisson Resorts and Spa in Alibag, where you can enjoy an unbelievable view of the sea, and food that comes from the authentic kitchens of Mediterranean and Coastal chefs. Not only that, the hospitality of Radisson precedes itself and to live up to its reputation, Radisson Resorts and Spa leaves no stone unturned. A wellness centre, spa, outdoor swimming pool, gym, delectable food and what not, Radisson is true to its name and provides a great retreat to its guests in Alibag.

3. Sanman Beach Resort

Sanman Beach Resort
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The beaches Aksi and Varsoli boast of a few too many amazing tourist attractions and resorts, one of them is the Sanman Beach Resort. This charming resort meets your standards whether you’re a budget traveller or a luxury lover, Sanman Beach Resort will have everything to cater to your needs. Not only is it charming in itself, but the location of this resort has made it a rather enviable spot that travellers prefer staying in while at Alibag.

4. U Tropicana

U Tropicana
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You can have a spa and you can have an adventure all in one place at U Tropicana in Alibag. Comfort, magnificence, fun and relaxation come together at U Tropicana, where guests have a distinctly comfy time and a perfect retreat from their busy lives. With multi-cuisine restaurants, open 24 hours, a vast pool, lavish suites and rooms along with party spaces, U Tropicana lives up to its 5-star expectations. Plus, you’d never go hungry at this resort since food is available all day and night!

5. Mango Beach House

Mango Beach House
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With a Mediterranean design and a truly tropical blend of atmosphere, Mango Beach House is a perfect place to enjoy some natural and laidback time. Guests at Mango Beach House have indulged in the enchanting pool, the sound of the melodious birds, the waves of the sea splashing mischievously on the shore along with a positively comfortable weekend. Mango Beach House takes the cake when it comes to unique resorts of Alibag.

6. Windmill Resort

Windmill Resort
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Untouched by the noise and boisterous city life, and combining luxury with an incomparable charm that Alibag brings with itself, Windmill Resort has access to a few beaches that are sure to awaken the craver of wanderlust in you. With indoor games, a gym, poolside party spaces, convention centre, suites and standard rooms alike, and food that will leave you wanting more and more, Windmill brings together comfort and adventure all at the same time for its guests.

7. Big Splash Resort

Big Splash Resort
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If you want some fun and frolic in your weekend but also wish to calm your churning mind a bit, Big Splash Resort promises to fulfil all your wishes. Boasting of a well-equipped and entertaining water park, indoor and outdoor games facility, party spaces, multi-cuisine restaurants and the likes, Big Splash Resort is everything you could ever ask for to make your weekend full of adventure. Families have a really good time while at Big Splash mainly because the children’s playground amenities are top notch.

8. Dewdrop Retreat

Dewdrop Retreat
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The Varsoli Beach in Alibag couldn’t have looked more enticing, what with a quaint most resort tucked right at its back, known as Dewdrop Retreat. The name speaks serene and quiet, and the resort is certain to offer exactly that. Elegance coupled with a view of the natural backdrop in all its shimmering glory upon one of the most popular beach of Alibag, Dewdrop Retreat is a charming sight to behold when you’re looking to leave all your troubles behind.

9. Casa De La Luna

Casa De La Luna
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The village of Zirad is a serene getaway in itself, but Casa De La Luna, the quiet resort of Alibag has much more to lure you in. With flawless gardens, beautiful interiors and a relaxing poolside retreat, Casa De La Luna is one of the most favoured resorts in Alibag and more especially in Zirad. With incredible opportunities for star-gazing, family dinners, barbecue and yoga spaces, Casa De La Luna is a villa worth making the trip to Zirad for.

10. Paradise Villas

Paradise Villas
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Settled in the cocoon of Mandwa in Alibaug, Paradise Villas offers exactly what its name states. There is nothing but pure bliss while residing in this sprawling and lavish resort of Alibaug, enough to keep you asking for more during your stay. With a beautiful view of the riverside, swimming pools, personal and group villas, conference halls, children’s playground, multi-cuisine vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants, everything at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, Paradise Villas truly adds to the effortless charm of Alibaug.

Alibag’s resorts are a delight on their own, and there is a lot more where that comes from. To enjoy the best weekend with your friends, family or significant other, the beach resorts of Alibag are certainly the ideal holiday choice.

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