Top 10 Beaches in Alibag

Alibag, the coastal town located in Raigad District in Maharashtra has been gaining a lot of popularity of late due to a myriad of tourist attractions like beaches, temples and forts. There is a plethora of breathtakingly beautiful beaches in Alibaug. The top ten of the lot have been mentioned underneath and are a must visit for tourists heading that way:

1. Alibag Beach

 Ripples in the Sand, Photo by Alosh Bennett, CC BY 2.0

A long stretch of shore, this is the main and most prominent beach in Alibag. It is acclaimed to be one of the cleanest beaches of India. The sand on this beach is coarse and black. Alibag beach experiences frequent high tides. One may have to wade through the water on the way back. Ideally, one should visit on a weekday as the crowds are much lesser and it will yield in a more enjoyable and private beach experience.

2. Varsoli Beach

Varsoli is a small village located on the outskirts of Alibag, almost a mile from the main beach. Varsoli beach boasts of a very huge naval base. This shimmering white beach is very less frequented by the public and hence, is a clean and quaint area. One will see abundance of coconut and casuarina vegetation here.

3. Akshi Beach

Located six kilometers off Alibag, Akshi beach is the perfect destination best suited for kids and waders since it has a relatively flat surface spread across a long distance. Long walks are best enjoyed on this beach. This is also a very popular site for shooting of Bollywood movies, television commercials and soap operas due to its scenic beauty.

4. Nagaon Beach

Photo by Aditya Patawari, CC BY-SA 2.0

This beach is located ten kilometers from Alibag, around a smooth ten minutes’ walk from Akshi Beach. Nagaon Beach is renowned for its coconut and beetle nut plantations. Water sports are extremely popular at this beach. This shore is also known for its cleanliness standards and hence, is very famous among the tourists flocking to Alibag.

5. Mandawa Beach

Sunset, Photo by Pradeep Ramdas, CC BY 2.0

This beach lies around twenty odd kilometers north of Alibag. One can conveniently reach Mandawa beach by availing the Catamaran/ Ferry services that ply from Mumbai to Mandawa. Mandawa beach is famous for housing many bungalows and holiday homes that famous celebrities own.

6. Kashid Beach

Photo by Abhijit Tembhekar, CC BY 2.0

This beach lies on the Alibag- Murud Highway, around 36 kilometers away. It is one of the most spectacular beaches owing to the white sands that it nests. It is also immaculately well-maintained and tidy beach of the region. Kashid Beach is one of the most popular destinations that urban people throng to for a weekend getaway or a short relaxation period!

7. Korlai Beach

Korlai beach lies along the Arabian Coastline and is a very serene, quiet and peaceful place. A unique feature of this beach is that it has alternating white and black sands. Korlai Fort just across the beach is also a major tourist attraction in the area which was built in 1521 by the Portuguese.

8. Rewas Beach

Like Mandawa Beach, Rewas beach can also be conveniently reached by jetties operating from Mumbai. The beach doesn’t receive too many tourists, and hence is very calm, quaint and clean. It is also blessed with pleasant climate throughout the year which makes it a perfect destination. Rewas has a lot of resorts and hotels for weekend getaways.

9. Kasim Beach

Kasim Beach is located on the relatively far-fetched coastline of Alibag and does not see too many tourists. It is spread across the vast coastline and has beautiful sun kissed glistening sandy shores which are a treat to the eyes. This quiet and unexplored beach is the perfect place for those who want to spend quality time surrounded by Nature.

10. Kihim Beach

Photo by Ameyness, CC BY-SA 4.0

This boundlessly beautiful beach is one of the few rocky beaches there are. It has been one of the favorites of visitors from a long time. This tropical beach is flocked upon by visitors despite the heavy monsoons that are typical to this area. This tropical land boasts of dense vegetation which is home to species of inherent and migratory birds. Thus, this place also doubles as a bird watcher’s paradise!

Thus, Alibag makes for a perfect beach destination. Surf, Shores and Sunshine are three words that represent the spirit of Alibag! It has the perfect blend of glowing sands, treasured seashells, gushing waters and gleaming shores!

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