Top 10 Resorts in Alibag

Radisson Resorts and Spa

Alibag isn’t an insanely popular tourist destination for no reason. It has given enough travelling goals to the youth of recent times for them to enjoy an adventurous yet tranquil time on the beaches of Alibag. With a beauty that is unmatched when it comes to a weekend retreat, Alibag is home to numerous resorts that are sure to provide you a fun-filled getaway. With opulent as well as budget resorts scattered all over the quaint little Alibag, there is a lot to choose from and a lot to devour. Without further ado, let us take a good look at some of the best resorts in Alibag for your next trip.

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Top 10 Beaches in Alibag

Alibag, the coastal town located in Raigad District in Maharashtra has been gaining a lot of popularity of late due to a myriad of tourist attractions like beaches, temples and forts. There is a plethora of breathtakingly beautiful beaches in Alibaug. The top ten of the lot have been mentioned underneath and are a must visit for tourists heading that way:

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Alibag

Alibag is a small town located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Often considered as a weekend getaway for the tourists, Alibag is equipped with few of the most beautiful picnic spots of Maharashtra. The town is named after a wealthy Israeli who owned several fruit orchards here, hence the name Ali’s Bag (garden) or Alibag. Historical forts, continuous web of beaches, untouched aquatic life and lush green gardens are some of the most attractive features of this town. Alibag has developed itself as a major trade centre in the past few years and thus a significant number of businessmen visit this city on a regular basis. This town is often regarded as the island town of Maharashtra as it beautifully meets the waters of Arabian Sea on three of its sides. If you are a planning a visit to this natural haven called Alibag, here are some of the top places that you should visit on your trip.

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