Top 10 Resorts in Mahabalipuram

A historic town dating back to almost 4th century B.C., Mahabalipuram, located in the colourful state of Tamil Nadu is a destination that is naturally as beautifully rich as its history is. Also, known as Mamallapuram, the sculptures and carvings from this ancient town and renowned around the world. A site of wonderful beaches, Mahabalipuram has been a cherished holiday destination specially among the religious crowd. Age old temples and structures fill the city with dazzling sights among the glorious display of nature. Enumerated here are ten of the best resorts in Mahabalipuram that will jazz up your holiday.

1. Mamalla Beach Resort

Mamalla Beach Resort
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One of the best resorts in Mahabalipuram, Mamalla Beach Resort is located 60 kilometres from the capital city, Chennai. A favourite among businessmen, this site is ideal for taking a break from work or working in a calm and peaceful atmosphere next to the blue waves. Spotlessly clean rooms, tons of facilities, open air restaurant that serves delicious cuisines from all over the world, this resort offers an opportunity to idle in Mahabalipuram luxuriously. The resort also arranges tours to nearby sites and boat rides on catamaran.

2. Ideal Beach Resort

Ideal Beach Resort
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A truly ideal resort for families looking to have a fun-filled vacation, Ideal Beach Resort offers a wide range of activities that make sure your days here are spent in an exciting manner. Falling in the affordable and not too expensive category of resort, this resort offers perfect rooms along with warm and friendly service, fun activities, modern amenities and a chance to rejuvenate yourself.

3. The Green Coconut Resort

The Green Coconut Resort
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One of the few stunning resorts lining the beach side of Mahabalipuram, The Green Coconut Resort is a unique one. The quiet that will please you, a view of the Bay of Bengal that will melt you, mingled with a service that will charm you, all this and more is offered at this resort. Frequently visited by corporate men who like working on the beach side ambiance of the city, the resort caters to all your needs and desires.

4. Grande Bay Resort and Spa

Grande Bay Resort and Spa
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Spacious rooms and modern facilities right at your disposal are offered at Grande Bay Resort and Spa that sprawls 5 acres of land. Picturesque surroundings, necessary and useful amenities, services like spa, swimming pool etc. provide best care and comfort. L’attitude 49, the restaurant serves finger licking good food from all over planet. Idyllic surroundings also offer a perfect opportunity to stroll through nearby areas.

5. Inter-Continental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort

Inter-Continental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort
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Organise events, meet with your colleagues over a dazzling array of snacks and drinks, delegate on a fine evening surrounded by coconut palms on the beach side at Inter-Continental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort. Offering activities for fun as well as to develop or improve your skills, this resort is one of the most luxurious ones in Mahabalipuram.

6. Chariot Beach Resort

Chariot Beach Resort
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Spice up your holiday experience at the Chariot Beach Resort by gazing at the panoramic sight at your disposal. Offering a wide choice of splendid rooms, the resort also provides a beautiful swimming pool, spa treatments, delicious cuisines at the restaurant among other mind blowing services. It’s an extraordinary experience at this resort which also has its own private beach just for you to relax and enjoy yourself.

7. Radisson Blu Resort

Radisson Blu Resort
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A mini Venice, Radisson BLU Resort at Temple Bay, Mamallapuram is a paradise itself. Meandering swimming pools, lush villas, chalets and suites, well manicures gardens dotted with date palms will liven up your holiday at Mahabalipuram. Bar, restaurant, spa, wedding halls etc. are some of the facilities offered here.

8. Landmark Pallavaa Beach Resort

Landmark Pallavaa Beach Resort
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Simplistic design, minimalistic furniture is tastefully arranged in the Landmark Pallavaa Beach Resort located at Abiramapuram. Pleasant ambiance helping you to unwind and let go of your worries. Luxurious and offering a fantastic view of the surrounding areas, this resort provides all the necessary and modern facilities to make your stay relaxing and enjoyable.

9. Seashore Garden Resort

Seashore Garden Resort
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Cozy rooms, perfect landscape and a range of facilities is provided by the Seashore Garden Resort located on the beach side of Mahabalipuram. Delicious sea food, bar and other great services are offered here to ensure a most comfortable stay for you.

10. Joe Beach Resort

 Joe Beach Resort
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Located right next to beach and offering stunning view of the azure blue water of the Bay of Bengal and dense green cover of the forest that line the beach side, Joe Beach Resort is paradise for vacationers. Brilliant mouth-watering cuisines, rejuvenating spa treatments, conference halls etc. are some of the services offered here.

These are the top resorts in Mahabalipuram you must visit to experience a great holiday.

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