10 Best Resorts in Lonavala

Lonavala has everything for a person looking to find a relaxing retreat away from the city life, and its assortment of resorts only makes it all the more interesting. You can have a fulfilling and cool sleep and at the same time enjoy spas and luxurious treatments no matter how old or young you are. Here are some of the best resorts in Lonavala.

1. Lagoona Resort

Lagoona Resort
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Lonavala’s most popular resorts is the Lagoona Resort, and it has always known to have lived up to its expectations. Although you feel like you might have seen it all at first glance Lagoona Resort has a lot more to offer. The hospitality and spa services at this retreat are particularly entertaining, and with the multi-cuisine restaurants and a picturesque background of the hills of Lonavala, Lagoona Resort is a favoured weekend getaway among many others.

2. Treasure Island Resort

Treasure Island Resort
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Fancy looking for a treasure within the naturally bountiful hilly backdrop of Lonavala? Treasure Island Resort is what you’ve been searching for. It has everything from luxury to nature and there’s nothing more you could ask for once you’ve enjoyed a quiet weekend in this resort. A gym, spa, yoga and aerobics space, indoor activities, children’s playground and a pool are some of the many attractive features of the Treasure Island Resort.

3. The Machan

The Machan
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If you’re looking for something unique yet bracing, The Machan Resort is your best bet. The cottages and rooms are created around trees, which makes The Machan absolutely alluring and there’s nothing you’d ever want once you’ve found yourself within the wooden enclosure of the rooms of The Machan. The opportunities of spotting some rare wildlife makes it even more interesting, and if you’re a wildlife photographer or a traveller, it’ll be your instant paradisiac. Expect trekking, long walks in the wilderness, rain showers, and a luxurious yet natural spa treatment within The Machan.

4. Captan’s Resort

Captan’s Resort
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Resting comfortably alongside the Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary and the Walvan Dam backwaters, Captan’s Resort is so close to nature that you’d never feel like going back home. With the melodies of nature and birds giving it a charm like no other, Captan’s Resort lures visitors into its beautiful entrapment through its luxury amenities as well as natural surroundings. Enjoy the spas, steam and sauna rooms, jacuzzi and swimming pool facilities to keep you interested and joyful.

5. Amby Valley Resorts

Amby Valley Resorts
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Possibly the most popular Resorts near Lonavala and Pune is the Amby Valley Resorts, which is known for its adventure activities, luxury accommodation, multi-cuisine restaurants and spa treatments for one and all. There’s a multiplex, aqua bus, gym, spa, lake complex, golf, town plaza etc. has brought enough attention from dwellers nearby towards the Amby Valley Resorts, and it offers a lot for everyone. Families have an especially great time at the Amby Valley Resorts where and frequent visitors from Pune are pretty common there.

6. Fariyas Resort

Fariyas Resort
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Lonavala has a rich valley assortment, which can be seen specifically from the Fariyas Resort. It is an ideal weekend getaway in Lonavala, and the stunning architecture and luxurious stay within this resort has garnered it a lot of praise amongst weekend loving people. There’s enough natural beauty to match the man-made one, and you get to have a very enjoyable time in the water park, indoor pool, spa, salon, gym and playground for kids.

7. Della Resorts

Della Resorts
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One of the most luxurious resorts anywhere in the location of Lonavala or Pune is the Della Resorts, which has nothing to repel a potential visitor. Expansive suites, swimming pools, cooking classes, adventurous activities, yoga retreats, jungle camps and other such stuff has made Della Resorts especially intriguing a location. The most attractive feature of Della Resorts is the treasure hunt opportunities it provides for children as well as adults. With more than enough restaurants to fulfil your appetite, there’s enough to keep you very well rooted in the resort.

8. Upper Deck Resort

Upper Deck Resort
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This resort lives up to its name. The Upper Deck Resort provides a great view of the hilly atmosphere of Lonavala and at the same time offers a calming escape. Jacuzzi, gymnasium, board games, a swimming pool and children’s activities, everything proves that the Upper Deck Resort is nothing short of an invigorating experience for the dwellers of this retreat. You’d probably want to extend your stay or even book your next trip once you’ve paid a visit! Luxury suites are an attractive factor for those looking for a more rejuvenating time.

9. Kumar Resort

Kumar Resort
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The locals of Mumbai and Pune have often visited the Kumar Resort in Lonavala more than any other place in the town. This is mainly because of the great hospitality, service, tranquil environment, and a place for family, friends or colleagues, there is ample perfection in Kumar Resort to make you visit again and again. With the addition of a small waterpark within the confines of the resort, it’s all the more attractive for friends and family.

10. Silver Hills Resort

Silver Hills Resort
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A banquet hall, a sprawling pool, indoor and outdoor activities, gaming, and food catering to vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian lovers, Silver Hills Resort brings it all together. Lonavala’s pretty backdrop can be enjoyed through a quiet yet pleasurable weekend within this resort. You can also have a good time if you’re a sole traveller looking to relax. The hospitality of the Silver Hills Resort is especially popular amongst frequent guests.

Take your pick from any of the above resorts as they are everything someone looking for a weekend getaway would look for. So, bring out your booking details and have the weekend of your life at one of these great resorts of Lonavala.

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