Top 5 Resorts in Khopoli

Khopoli might be just a stop on your way from Pune to Mumbai, but it could just turn into a weekend getaway of sorts. You’d believe it not if you saw the number of pretty resorts that are scattered all over the small, little, cute town that is Khopoli. So, take a detour and drive right into that curve on the Mumbai-Pune expressway and enter the tiny wonder that is Khopoli. Here are some of the most amazing resorts to allure you into Khopoli, take a good look and get your drive into motion.

1. Rishivan Resort

Rishivan Resort
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Khopoli’s most popular resort is Rishivan Resort, which is located in a pretty famous tourist destination. Cottages, standard rooms and suites that give you enough choices to pick one from, Rishivan Resort is also pretty close to the tourist spots of Khopoli, which is great for the residents there to take up adventures ahead. With a relaxing atmosphere in the interiors as well as the exteriors, Rishivan Resort gives you enough reasons to pack up your bags and head over to this pretty and quaint resort that will keep you entranced till the time you leave Khopoli.

2. UK’s Resort

UK’s Resort
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A lavish and equally fun resort to stay at in Khopoli, UK’s resort is another one of the popular points of retreat on the Mumbai to Pune highway. UK’s resort combines excellence with a service and hospitality that you won’t forget for days to come, enough to have you book it for another week of tranquillity. The interiors of this resort are a delight in themselves, but the view from your window would entice you nonetheless. Modern amenities that you’d find in every resort are easily available here but there’s a lot more that you can explore in UK’s Resort than you can see anywhere else.

3. Durshet Forest Lodge

Durshet Forest Lodge
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A new destination for lovers of retreat, Durshet Forest Lodge in Khopoli is an attractive property for a weekend retreat. Forests surrounding the area that will leave you completely entranced, and you can walk through the enticing parts of the dense teak woods so that your weekend can become nothing but perfect. With the attractive Adlabs Imagica located very close by, Durshet Forest Lodge is usually occupied by many a visitor who come with their families. There are fun and adventurous activities like rappelling, rock climbing, trekking, hiking, ziplining, Burma swing, kayaking, campfire and barbecue facilities that will obviously keep any guest highly entertained.

4. Tudor Retreat

Tudor Retreat
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A panoramic view of lush green landscape that will promise to take your breath away is what awaits you at Tudor Retreat in Khopoli, right at the base of the entrance from the Mumbai-Pune highway. Here you can swim in the lake, trek up the hills, accommodation in cottages, waterfall walks, nature walks and what not. There’s much opportunity to take part in exploring and skipping through some of the most exciting locations of Khopoli and tourist spots. Though Tudor Retreat also offers the chance for you to find yourself in one of the most comforting resorts of Khopoli or anywhere near Mumbai or Pune, it also gives you the perfect features of escaping into the natural parts of one of Maharashtra’s underexplored location.

5. Rahim Farms

Rahim Farms
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A small home that feels like the sweetest thing ever is located right in Khopoli, and is known as Rahim Farms, which promises to make you feel like you’ve made the perfect choice for your weekend getaway in Khopoli. The service and hospitality at Rahim Farms is everything you’ve been looking for, so you get whatever it is you needed when finding a weekend retreat. Rahim Farms comes with the best modern amenities while at the same time it gives you the chance to feel as close to nature as possible. You’d have one of the best weekends of your life while at Rahim Farms in Khopoli’s heart.

Khopoli’s wonders would be pretty amazing to make your weekend into the perfect one near Mumbai or Pune. Here, you get to explore a lazy afternoon with your friends or family and enjoy yourself a cooling and relaxing time without having to travel a far-off destination.

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