Top 5 Places to Visit in Khopoli

Imagica Theme Park

The locality is hidden away from prying eyes, on the meandering highway between Pune and Mumbai. Khopoli in Maharashtra is mainly famous for the theme park present here. The place like the midpoint between Mumbai and Pune and is often visited by people from these urban centers. Families often visit the area as Imagica acts as a cheap getaway destination.

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Top 5 Resorts in Khopoli

UK’s Resort

Khopoli might be just a stop on your way from Pune to Mumbai, but it could just turn into a weekend getaway of sorts. You’d believe it not if you saw the number of pretty resorts that are scattered all over the small, little, cute town that is Khopoli. So, take a detour and drive right into that curve on the Mumbai-Pune expressway and enter the tiny wonder that is Khopoli. Here are some of the most amazing resorts to allure you into Khopoli, take a good look and get your drive into motion.

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