Top 10 Most Rejuvenating Resorts in Khandala

When you think about weekend retreats in Maharashtra, Khandala is one of the first destinations that comes to mind, and that is for good reason as there is a lot to explore in this undersized hill town. However, sometimes you don’t want to go adventuring but sit back and relax while you get yourself pampered after a long and hectic weekend in life. You can very well accomplish that in Khandala, since along with being such a picturesque location, there are plenty resorts where you can lift your spirits and lay down on your back at the same time for a relaxing weekend. Here are some of the best resorts in Khandala to indulge in self-love.

1. Kumar Resort

Kumar Resort
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If you’re a lover of fun and frolic, Kumar Resort will prove to be the perfect destination in Khandala to do that. Here you have activities like air hockey, dashing car, rain dance, poolside party spaces, live music, haunted house, water slides, swimming pool, video games and so much more. Kumar Resort goes a long way in ensuring that its guests have the utmost wonderful time during their stay in Khandala.

2. Hilton Shillim Estate Resort and Spa

Hilton Shillim Estate Resort and Spa
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A lover of opulence and luxurious treatment would find Hilton Shillim Estate Resort and Spa to be the ideal weekend retreat based on how it is probably the best luxury resort in Khandala. Activities like cycling, trekking, hiking, and relaxing stuff like a lavish spa, yoga spaces, meditation rooms and a lot more are available at Hilton Estate. This covers your rejuvenation plan and will leave you with a completely relaxed and serene self as you go back to your busy life post the weekend at Hilton.

3. Duke’s Retreat

Duke’s Retreat
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Choose from a variety of standard rooms and luxury suites at Duke’s Retreat as it has almost everything for everyone. Duke’s Retreat is one of the most popular resorts in Khandala, and since it has conference and banquet halls that a lot of people find to be perfect, it is often home to business conferences and special occasions. However, you can still enjoy a relaxing time at Duke’s Retreat since there are amenities like a swimming pool, gymnasium, club house, indoor and outdoor games etc. to suit your requirements well.

4. Krushnai Resort

Krushnai Resort
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To have the sojourn of a lifetime, Krushnai Resort will be your best shot. At Krushnai, the staff are keen to provide you the best kind of service possible, and that includes a variety of rooms, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games, a conference hall and banquet hall, clubhouse and a whole lot more to make your weekend at Khandala the perfect one. The hospitality at Krushnai Resort in Khandala is very well-known and would never disappoint anyone.

5. High Land Resort

High Land Resort
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Solitude and calmness find a perfect blend at High Land Resort in Khandala, along with a choice of delicious cuisine that is sure to lead you straight to it. Nestled within a lap of green and a shower of charm, High Land Resort offers indoor and outdoor games, a conference room, swimming pool and various kinds of suites and rooms to let you have your pick from. Most sole travellers love to reside at High Land Resort mainly because it is far away from the noisy city life.

6. Basilica Holiday Home

Basilica Holiday Home
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One of Khandala’s most enlivening and fun resorts is the Basilica Holiday Home, and it comes with some unavoidable facilities to keep you indulged. With an intriguing décor and a backdrop of Khandala’s picturesque hills, Basilica Holiday Home provides everything you’d expect at a holiday resort and more at a very reasonable price. You can have luxury and a budget accommodation all the same at Basilica with your family.

7. Zara Resort

Zara Resort
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There’s an enchanting factor about Khandala’s serenity, which is mirrored in its resorts and getaways. Zara Resort is no exception to that. Here you can get amazing hospitality and great service, rooms and suites that are designed in a gorgeous manner, and a landscape to walk through and swim in the vast swimming pool to keep yourself busy yet calm and soothed throughout your stay. Zara Resort offers multi-cuisine restaurants which are all famous for their delectable food.

8. Della Adventure Resort

Della Adventure Resort
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Sometimes during your relaxing weekend, you’d like to indulge in some true adventure and fun. At Della Adventure Resort, you can do just that and more. Zorbing, Flying Fox, motocross, swoop swing, paintball, archery, and horse-riding are just a few of the many amazing things about Della Adventure Resort. If you’re looking to spend lazy days in bed but you have family or friends who’d like some adventure, they can have their time while you rest in the lavish rooms of Della Resort without having to worry about making any efforts to pamper yourself and have a great time.

9. Avion Holiday Resort

Avion Holiday Resort
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Bring together luxury and a splash of adventure at Avion Holiday Resort, where you are allowed to indulge in a lot of fun at the disco, let your kids loose in the children’s playground, rest in luxurious rooms and suites, and stroll through the gardens where you are certain to get mesmerized. Avion Holiday Resort is truly what every visitor looking for relaxation wants in a weekend getaway time for friends and family.

10. The Lagoona Resort

The Lagoona Resort
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You can satisfy your environment loving heart by visiting Khandala’s most eco-friendly resort, the Lagoona, which is immensely popular amongst frequenters to Khandala. Bring some spark in your weekend by staying at the Lagoona Resort where you can get stuff like fishing and boating, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games, and walking through the lush greenery of the resort at your leisure. You’ll have an utterly relaxing time at the Lagoona in Khandala.

If these resorts don’t take away all that stress you’ve been building up in your week of work and slog, there’s nothing else that will. So, head over to Khandala with your friends or family to have the most relaxing time of your life.

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