Top 10 Picnic Spots in and Around Bangalore

Bangalore is replete of copious weekend getaways and picnic spots to refresh yourself at and a short trip around this hi-tech city will actually give you a much-needed break to unwind. Bangalore is notable for its parks and museums and is illustrious as a never-tiring IT center; this city has been a dream destination for many of us. So, while Bangalore has tons of tours and itineraries to offer, it also caters to many picnic tourist sites where you can just sit back and break away from the technology vibe this town offers. Hence, what we enlist here are the top 10 spots which are the best in their soothing atmosphere and are situated both in as well as around Bangalore to let you witness the unruffled and offbeat facet of this amazing metropolis!

1. Chikballapura – A Ride Filled with Numerous Adventures

In the most proximity to the town, Chikballapura is cornered by five valleys and is well-known for tons of adventures including trekking. The stunning landscape is tempting and alluring plus a picnic amidst the serene air of this place will surely make you visit it again and again. Rock climbing is also availed at Chikballapura and there are several shrine and temples sited all around where you can find an aura of tranquility and bliss.

2. Shivagange – Enter A Dreamy Charisma

Shivagange – Enter A Dreamy Charisma
Photo by Manjeshpv, CC BY-SA 3.0

Shivagange is around 60 km from Bangalore and is a charismatic dreamland of spectacular vistas to spellbind you with. There are also many sporty endeavors promising you for a thrilling vacation plus the hills are also very astonishing in their allure. Shivgange actually gets its name from two sites of this place, first the Shiva Temple and second, a natural water spring called ‘Ganga’. Also, this small town is a preferred attraction to explore around Bangalore and is certainly a must picnic spot to enjoy yourself at.

3. Savanadurga – An Incredible Blend of Divinity & Thrill

Savanadurga – An Incredible Blend of Divinity & Thrill
Photo by Chris Conway, Hilleary Osheroff, CC BY-SA 2.0

Asia’s Biggest monolith hill which is created of only one stone, Savanadurga is the next best alternative to go for a short trip amidst the hills around Bangalore. The crowded vibes wither away here in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings and you will find yourself having calming vibes at this place. There are copious temples to visit which caters to this hillock’s divine aura and if you are in a mood to pump up our nerves, then rock climbing and hiking are the best adventures to rivet oneself here in Savanadurga.

4. Nandi Hills – An Ecstatic Heavenly Endeavor

Nandi Hills – An Ecstatic Heavenly Endeavor
Photo by Harsha K R, CC BY-SA 2.0

Nandi Hills is a top euphoric destination to enchant you with its magical landscape. It is an eminent one especially for trekking ventures and is christened after the large idol of Nandi (the revered bull in Hinduism) which can be sited at the entrance of the prominent Yoganandeeshwara Temple. Wake yourself up in the early dawn time and experience the most spellbinding sunrise at Nandi Hills, what’s more is there are also many other ecstatic attractions located all around this place where you can travel for an extended time and witness an escape in nature!

5. Horsley Hills – A Pristine Jewel of Allure

Horsley Hills – A Pristine Jewel of Allure
Photo by Ram Prasad, CC BY 2.0

Located at a distance of 153 km from Bangalore, Horsley Hills is a pristine attraction that is yet to be explored by many travelers. This is why you can opt for this place as here you can distress away from the ruffled hills and spend the quality time with your family and loved ones. It is an idyllic option for couples and can be also visited with kids as they will be enthralled by the serenity and charm of Horsley Hills. It is nothing more than a heavenly break for anyone who loves to be amidst the hypnotic vistas of lush mountains and valleys.

6. Kabini – Witness the Wilderness

Kabini – Witness the Wilderness
Photo by Vinoth Chandar, CC BY 2.0

Kabini is acknowledged for the wildlife sanctuary situated here and the rich wilderness’s cool breezes and tweeting of birds avail you with the best picnic alternative. You can explore Kabini dam which is striking, then go for safaris and expeditions while sitting on elephants and spotting rare animals and conclude your tour here with boating. Kabini will never disappoint you when it comes to picnic sites and you will actually get awestruck by its flora and fauna.

7. Shivanasamudram – Charming Waterfalls to Be Mesmerized With

Shivanasamudram – Charming Waterfalls to Be Mesmerized With
Photo by Arun Prabhu, CC BY-ND 2.0

A land full of refreshing waterfalls, Shivanasamudram is a laid-back town situated 180 km from Bangalore. You can take around three and a half hour ride to arrive here and the waterfalls will take all your exhaustion away and captivate you to extend your vacation further. Hiking ventures are catered here and you can also go for fishing, the whole atmosphere is just amazingly mesmerizing to unwind and to loosen your workaholic nerves!

8. Hassan – Unravel This Mystifying Escape

Hassan – Unravel This Mystifying Escape
Photo by MANJESHK, CC BY-SA 3.0

Old temples, historical monuments and fascinating architecture, all these things constitute the mystifying city of Hassan which is at an approximate distance of 187 km. if you love exploring places, then this destination is an ideal one to stop by and have some time unraveling the old shrines and historical structures of Hassan. The city’s name is actually after the central Goddess Hassanamba worshipped here and you will find this place filled with numerous shrines and magnificent architecture to ponder at with vistas full of mesmerizing scenery.

9. Bheemeshwari – A Blessed Enigma

Bheemeshwari – A Blessed Enigma
Photo by Abhijeet Rane, CC BY 2.0

Bheemeshwari is apparently the getaway to the most number of adventures available within this beautiful attraction. There are popular fishing camps, camping and hiking to try plus exotic allure of this paradise is what tempts nature lovers to discover this place. It is a 2hour drive from Bangalore and then you can go for the relaxing resort options or just go for a hotel and explore this hillock all by yourself, both ways it assures an enigmatic escape.

10. Hogenakal Falls – Refresh Yourself at This Captivating Getaway

Hogenakal Falls – Refresh Yourself at This Captivating Getaway
Photo by Praveen, CC BY 2.0

The picturesque falls are the best things of this place and boat or coracle rides are a must to try at Hogenekal falls. It will actually heal you of all hi-tech modernization that we have come at and comfort you with its natural waterfalls which are ideal places to opt for picnics. The hills complement the refreshing feature of Hogenakal and avail the travelers with an exciting outing.

Bangalore’s scenic sites are surely the ones to enthrall you with and are a must to explore on your next trip to the city. The above quoted ones are the top places for picnics or a short trip to let oneself carried away with the soothing aura of these charming lands and just chill amidst the relaxing breezes, happy journey!

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