Top 5 Adventure Sports to Experience in Bangalore

Bangalore, as is common knowledge, is the tech capital of India. Very pleasantly surprisingly, it has a lot of opportunity for heritage tourism as well. But you know the two other highlights on offer in this amazing city? Ashrams for soul healing, and adventure sport. It all fits in really well. All the globalization pressure must require huge amounts of soul healing, and adrenaline pumping through taut nerves to balance out the stress. In this article, we’re looking at the top 5 adventure sports to try out here, and we’ll soon see how that involves all territories- be on ground or flying above it in the air or on water, they can get your heart thumping.

1. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting
Photo by Ankur P, CC BY-SA 2.0

This sport holds global appeal. You take a raft and wade through foaming white waters with your friends, taking care of the balance. While this requires fitness, it is great for the spirits. The Cauvery river is the river you’ll raft on, at places like Dandeli and Kabini. White Water Rafting is great for building team spirit, and maybe even for photography. You should be careful along the many rocky regions though, especially as the peak season for this activity is monsoon. This is popular throughout India, but you should think twice in winter.

2. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping
Photo by bungeeinternational0, CC0 1.0

Here comes another global sport- who needs foreign shores when you have B’Lore at home anyway? For Bungee jumping, you need to leap from relatively great heights with the support of a cord you’re tied to. Very adventurous and daring, this has spread to other parts of India and the movies as well. Organizations in Bangalore guide the process, and it is highly popular among people. This peaks around the winters each year, and has been made permanent now, with exclusive clubs like the one for mountaineering, the Bangalore Mountaineering Club, taking up responsibility for the yearly upkeep.

3. Wall Climbing

Wall Climbing
Photo by NaomiBooth, CC0 1.0

You’ve gone trekking, and rock climbing, and mountain climbing. You call yourself a hardened adventure freak now. Anything new? You bet Bangalore has something up its sleeve! Wall Climbing is one sport where you climb steep plain walls with little supports on it all along the way. This requires bodily fitness, and is for all customer group types, irrespective of age, hours, nativity or profession. Popular haunts are Play X Arena, Phoenix among others. Get a good supervisor and get climbing, who knows you might need your skills in real life as well!

4. Zorbing

Photo by PanchoOn, CC0 1.0

The ultimate cool as well as thrill sport/activity. Remember how all of your favourite characters from childhood shows all did this and all you could do was wait and watch? Well, your time has come, man. You could run or walk or exercise inside a huge ball of plasticine, on ground or under water. Zorbing requires quite some fitness and sense of balance, and a sound trainer will help you pick those attributes up along the way. Very popular and exciting.

5. Ziplining

Photo by sebadelval, CC0 1.0

Also, known as the Flying Fox, Ziplining one is an aerial adventure sport for all the times you’ve wanted to mimic Dracula and failed. Like a human ropeway through forests, plain land or streets or gymnasiums, you glide with your back attached up above the ground through a pulley or similar equipment to a cord. The Play Arena is one of the popular areas to practice this, and is open for it all round the year. Sure gets the blood pumping.

Bangalore is moving fast and how, even in the arena of adventure sport. From looking like a Spy Kid to a literal Flying Fox, all you have to do for an adventure of a lifetime is to go to a popular hub like the Play Arena, pick the sport of your choice and sign up. You’ll get a vacation of dreams, and a fit body in the process. These can be attractions for all the year round, whether you’re a native or a tourist. Here’s to hoping you drown in adventure!

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