15 Best Homestays in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most happening cities in India, with its reputation as a IT hub and as one of the developing cities with increasing commerce and industries. At the same time, Bangalore, with its pleasant climate, amazing topography and beautiful surroundings, is also a visitor’s paradise. It also has a dynamic nightlife, another attraction for visitors. As a popular tourist destination, there are numerous hotels and other accommodation facilities in the city that cater to all budgets. But, one of the most attractive places to stay in Bangalore is homestays, which give you a home away from home. These homestays give visitors a chance to enjoy a cosy time, with home-cooked food, tryst with nature and a chance to know the local life and culture.

Here are the top 15 homestays in Bangalore where you go to stay for a few days but you return recharged for a long time. No wonder, then, you may feel like going there again, that is the charm of homestays.

1. Angana Country Inn

Angana Country Inn
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Located at Kanakpura Road, it is one of those escapades that you have always dreamt of. It is actually an ancestral home but that offers you the comforts and luxuries of a resort. The best part about a homestay at Angana Country Inn is the experience of living in a place like home, replete with vast courtyards, huge stone columns and the vibe of countryside. There are many activities to do such as hiking, farming, and even Ayurveda therapies. Cooking enthusiasts can try being a chef during the course of the stay.

2. Mi Casa Su Casa Homestay

Mi Casa Su Casa Homestay
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A beautiful villa that boasts of a blend of Spanish and Mangalorean architecture, Mi Casa Su Casa offers a beautiful homestay experience. The best part of the house is that it is located in the centre of the town yet, is away from it and surrounded by lush green environs. A part opposite the villa offers a great view. Great food, a peaceful environment, fresh air and a serene stay are the highlights of Mi Casa Su Casa Homestay.

3. Carmel Homestay

Carmel Homestay
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Located at Sarjapur Road in Bangalore, the main attraction of the Carmel Homestay is its Kerala style architecture. There are well equipped comfortable air conditioned rooms. The homestay is best for those who are looking at spending some leisure time in the company of nature. Guests can look forward to rejuvenating nature walks and Ayurvedic massages. Enjoy a great stay at Carmel Homestay with home-cooked meals and a peaceful stay.

4. Villa Camelot

Villa Camelot
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It is one of the most popular homestays in Bangalore and is listed in the most loved homestays in the country. It is located at Whitefield and owned by a fun-loving, dignified and polite family. It is the perfect homestay place as it is actually a home but that is open to visitors who would like to experience the comforts and care of a home away from home. There are many rooms available and the unique feature of the Villa Camelot is that the rooms are not numbered but are named as Krishna, Tulsi, Mogra, etc. Enjoy the perks of living with like-minded people sharing stories and anecdotes and enjoying a family dinner around a dining table, just as you have done back home.

5. The Outback Farm and Homestay

The Outback Farm and Homestay
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Staying at the Outback Farm and Homestay is just similar to staying a sanctuary or wildlife park lodge but the only difference is that the Outback Farm is housed in Bangalore city but away from the urban noise and clutter. Its proximity to Bannerghatta National Park is another advantage. You can wake up refreshed and welcomed to the sound of birds and then take a walk around amidst nature. Enjoy food that is home cooked and fresh. Activities such as boating, bird watching, fishing and more can be undertaken.

6. Sumanjay Homestay

Sumanjay Homestay
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Located on 2nd Cross Cambridge Road, Sumanjay Homestay is as comfortable as it comes. It offers a cosy living experience with the hosts being there to help out at all times. They also arrange a sight-seeing programme for the visitors and help in exploring not just the city but the state also. Even students and retired citizens can avail the facility.

7. Chukki Mane Homestay

Chukki Mane Homestay
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Its proximity to Shivasamudram makes it a great place to stay. Located in Mandya District in Bangalore, the Chukki Mane Homestay offers an eco friendly stay complete with nature tours and other activities that are close to nature. Guests can spend their time at the Shivasamudram Waterfalls which is very close by and enjoy nature in its bloom. It is also a great spot for bird watching. Another feature is that they also offer tent living for those who would like to experience little adventure. The food served here is delicious and home cooked but only vegetarian fare. Another attraction is the yoga and meditation sessions which along with a stay here surrounded by beautiful environment are sure to rejuvenate your senses.

8. Geese Haven Homestay

Geese Haven Homestay
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It is situated at Somanahalli in Bangalore and is a great place to connect with nature. Geese Haven Homestay is a farm style home and is surrounded by lush plantations. There is a silk farm and animal farms in the proximity which can be visited. Children will enjoy living in such a place and it also is a great opportunity to inculcate in them a love for nature and animals. Activities that the guests indulge here are fishing, bird watching, trekking, farming, and so on. Sporting enthusiasts can have participated in various games arranged at the place.

9. Park Side Homestay

It is a modern homestay place situated at Whitefield. Park Side Homestay is suitable for those who are on a business trip to the city but yet would like to experience a holiday kind of living as it is situated close to the business hub. The Heritage Centre and the Aerospace Museum are also located near to the homestay.

10. Mass Residency

Mass Residency
Image 11. Rare Earth Homestay

Those who love nature and would like to experience the life of a farm, Rare Earth Homestay is where they should head to. It is amidst the city yet away from it. The hosts offer a comfortable stay in the company of nature with all the amenities that make your living at Rare Earth a memory that you will cherish for a long time.

12. AMC Comforts Homestay

AMC Comforts Homestay
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AMC Comforts Homestay is one of the most comfortable homestays in Bangalore but untouched by the city’s urban nature. They offer well-furnished apartments for those who would like to spend their holiday undisturbed but yet cared for, as the hosts will ensure that you enjoy a peaceful life, but with the perks of a holiday. The other attraction is the many activities that visitors can participate in. It is located at Jayanagar.

13. Nele Homestay

Nele Homestay
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This is a beautiful location on the outskirts of Bangalore and is next to the Turahalli forest, and hence ideal for a getaway from the city yet not too far from it. The Nele homestay offers a true natural living in the company of nature. You can spend the day listening to the songs of birds, plucking fruits and eating them, and to feel greenery all around you. A great attraction is the architecture of the house, wherein the main door and the vast veranda of the house comes from the ancient architecture of Chettinad and holds within centuries old historical heritage. This is the most perfect place to rejuvenate yourself and recharge your mind and body.

14. Transit Homestay

Transit Homestay
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Those who would like to live in serviced apartments while on a holiday can try out Transit Homestay in Bangalore. The best thing about living in such apartments is that they provide you all the amenities of a posh hotel, yet allows you to be. You can be on your own and enjoy some me-time, as you would do at your home without the formalities of a hotel. Apart from fully-furnished home, they also provide all the help that you will need for planning your trips in and around the city. If you wish to explore the other parts of the state, you can do that as well. These homestay apartments are available for a single day to even a month.

15. White Woods Home Stay

White Woods Home Stay
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White Woods Home Stay is a hotel that provides home stay experience and it is perfect for those who need a home-like environment on a trip where they can stay but also explore the surroundings. The homestay at Whitefield offers all the modern facilities for the stay complete with Wi Fi, good food and other comforts. It is a great way to experience hotel’s amenities yet live in a homely atmosphere.

Today, there are many options for those who are looking at homestay options in Bangalore. From serviced apartments, to hotels, and even villas or farms, the sky is the limit when it comes to homestay options in Bangalore. So, all you have to do is pack your clothes and head to these destinations and enjoy a great time.

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