5 Most Popular Churches in Bangalore

There can be very many reasons one desires to travel- some like to spend time with family and friends, for some it is majorly a break from work, few of them travel to find their inner peace and some are on the hunt for good cuisines and exploring the world around them. Bangalore can be the answer to all of the requirements above. In this article, we have gathered information about the best churches in Bangalore. If you are on a holiday there, make sure to visit these places. You will be amazed to find out what all this city has to offer.

1. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral

Francis Xavier’s Cathedral
Photo by Silver Blue, CC BY-SA 2.0

During the period of 1886 to 1940, Bangalore was the major centre for the diocese of Mysore. St. Patrick’s Cathedral had been the cathedral of the diocese at these times. Soon, the diocese of Mysore, in 1940, took two different roads and St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral took the place of St. Patrick’s. Three schools including St. Aloysius’, St. Anthony’s and St. Rocks are located in the campus of this huge cathedral. If you are in Bangalore, you need to pay this cathedral a visit.

2. Mary’s Basilica

Mary’s Basilica
Photo by Johnchacks, CC BY 3.0

Designed by a French architect, Mary’s Basilica is one of the oldest churches built in Bangalore and also one of the most sacred places for Christians. This 172 metres building is built magnificently in the shape of a cross. Also, you will find a serene statue of Mother Mary holding baby Jesus as you enter. There is quite an interesting story to this statue. Back in the 19th century, several efforts were made to remove this statue in order to replace it with a newer one. Miraculously, the statue could not be moved and all efforts went to vain.

3. Mark’s Cathedral

Mark’s Cathedral
Photo by India Post, Public Domain

This beautiful church was built back in 1812 and to this day, Mark’s Cathedral is claimed as one of the most fine-looking cathedrals in India. The Roman arches and the finely kept bells are two of the major attractions of this cathedral. Tourists make it a point to visit St. Mark’s if they are in Bangalore. St. Mark is the first known writer of the Gospel and the cathedral stands as a magnificent tribute to him.

4. Hudson Memorial Church

The art and architecture of the Hudson Memorial Church makes it to the top five list. It is a protestant Christian church built in both gothic and classical form. This is represented by various elements in the church. It is splendidly placed amidst nature and this adds a touch of serenity to the building. Teakwood is the main building material for most furniture placed inside the church including the tables, chairs and also the communion table.

5. Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Church
Photo by Amol.Gaitonde, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Sacred Heart Church is best known for the social work it has been rendering help to the people for all these years. Since its establishment in 1896, there have been four associations dedicated to assist people from all strata and sections of the society and their active works keep us amazed. The church has been beautified even more by the efforts of Fr. Sagayanathan who has contributed by building two niches at the portico, remodelled the floor and walls. Projects are also undertaken where in the church buildings will be made more spacious.

Churches are the centre to all emotions. They stand as a medium to express hearty thankfulness and gratitude towards God. All occasions are celebrated in here including Christmas, Easter and even weddings. From the baptism of a new born to the final funeral of a man, a church is the witness to it all. Christians come together gathering in a church to share their emotions and participate in the life of one another. A church is a place for sharing and caring. Thus, if you are looking for inner peace or just a calm and quite environment to relax, make sure to reach out to these places and you shall not be disappointed.

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