5 Fun Places To Hangout with Friends in Bangalore

Bangalore, also known as the Silicon Valley of India, is a metropolitan in the Indian state of Karnataka. The city is situated in Southern India on the Deccan Plateau and hence experiences pleasant climate throughout the year. Surrounded by picturesque hills, serene lakes and lush green gardens; Bangalore is largely popular for its rich and ardent presence in art and culture. Not only this, it also contributes as a dominating factor in the Indian economy and has a flourished IT Sector.

Bangalore is one of those places where most of the graduates from top colleges get recruited, including engineers, MBAs, etc. It is the dream working space for most young people. Thus during weekends, Bangalore becomes an entirely different zone and exhibits its inherent colors. Here goes the list of top 5 hangout places in Bangalore – the Silicon Valley of India. Live your life, in the middle of work and intellect of course!

1. Toit, Indiranagar

Toit is a brew pub located on the 100 feet road, Indiranagar (an important residential and commercial hub in the city). It is the best place for beer-lovers and those who are enthusiastic enough to experiment with it. And with good beer, there’s excellent food as well! Their most special beers include smoked rye ale, specialty ale and Indian pale ale. In addition to this, they also serve other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, great variety of appetizers, pizzas, pastas and main course. Moreover, Toit has an interesting ambience filled with energetic people radiating variant energies.

2. Brigade Road

Photo by proxygeek, CC BY-SA 2.0

Brigade Road is Bangalore’s busiest commercial centers and is a preferred choice for all sought of shopping. It is a perfect blend offering street shopping as well as topmost brand showrooms including Vera Moda, Lee and Van Heusen amongst others. The Garuda Mall, the second largest in the city, is in close affinity to the Brigade Road. Apart from being a great place for shopping, it also has various food joints such as Guzzlers Inn and Le Rock, cinema halls and gaming zones. The Brigade Road becomes a celebration point during the New Year’s Eve where people harmoniously welcome the coming year. It is indeed a treat to watch and enjoy.

3. Hard Rock Café, St. Marks Road

Photo by jchessma, CC BY-ND 2.0

Started in the year 2007 in the garden city of India, Hard Rock Café is the heartthrob of many rock music lovers in Bangalore and throughout the world. They have three distinct seating areas – restaurant, bar area and courtyard to compliment the visitor’s mood and preference. It is accompanied by great food and handcrafted drinks which are served in the midst of memorabilia from some of modern music’s biggest creators, including contemporary artists and rock legends. The powerful rhythms completely take over one’s mind, body and soul. The graffiti on the walls, open space, some of the most popular DJs, karaoke night are the top highlights. It is a very cool place to be in.

4. Ranga Shankara, J P Nagar

Photo by Swaroop C H, CC BY-SA 2.0

If hangout for you mean, surrounded by various artists showcasing their skills thus making you go awe at their every action; then this is surely the place you must visit. Ranga Shankara is a theatre facility in Bangalore that is dedicated in showcasing various theatrical production from India and abroad. They believe in the philosophy of ‘A play a day’ and together celebrating the combined love for theatre.

Other major auditoriums in Bangalore are ADA Rangamandira and Bangalore Gyana Samaja that showcase a blend of performances varying from dance, music to drama. One can always explore these and do the unconventional.

5. Lalbagh, Southern Bangalore

Photo by Planemad, CC BY-SA 3.0

Chilling out not necessarily means eating or partying or being with others. At times, one just wants to be in a zone where they can observe and appreciate the beauty around them, inhale it and well lose within it. If you are looking for such a place then Lalbagh is the most promising of all. One may just sit on the grass, watch chirping birds, sit in the glass house and explore. There are many other breath taking locations in Bangalore to sync with nature.

As a lot of people put it, with friends any ordinary place can become a great spot to hangout, the above mentioned places will only add to your experience. The serene, beautiful city of Bangalore and its people is best enjoyed and felt here.

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