10 Most Popular Waterfalls in Karnataka

Karnataka is a place that is blessed with diversity, with plains, mountains, hilly and rocky terrain and more. It is thus undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy nature at its best. Of course, come monsoon and the whole region comes alive with rivers and streams full to the brim and the amazing waterfalls that jump out with all their vigor. It is an absolute pleasure and an enchanting experience to watch these waterfalls in Karnataka.

There are many waterfalls in Karnataka that are absolutely enthralling but here are the 10 most fascinating waterfalls that are sure to leave you spellbound.

1. Jog Falls

Photo (Cropped) by DARSHAN SIMHA, CC BY 2.0

The second highest waterfall in India, the Jog falls is located in Shimoga district and falls from a height of 830 feet. The source of the falls is Sharavati river and it is a delightful sight to see the cascading waterfall from the fissures of gorgeous mountains. Sagara city is located nearby.

2. Shivasamudra Falls

Photo (Cropped) by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson, CC BY 2.0

With its gushing waters and natural beauty, Shivasamudra falls is a delight. Its origin is from Kaveri river in Mandya district and though a hydroelectric project, it is a popular tourist destination as the waterfalls here offer a spectacular sight. Two streams are formed from the falls and flow in different directions. Fishing and trekking in rocky landscape are other popular activities here. You can hire cabs to reach the falls.

3. Abbey Falls

Photo by Sooraj Shajahan, CC BY 2.0

It is located at a distance of 7 km from Madikeri, a popular tourist spot and 90 kms from Mangalore. A unique feature of Abbey falls is that it originates from multiple streams that combine to form the beautiful fall. It is a magnificent sight to watch the water fall from rough and steep rocks with vigor and then mildly transform itself into a little lake. Inhaling the aroma of the coffee plantations that are situated nearby, along with the cool breeze and the gorgeous sound of the falls is an experience much cherished. It is thus one of the most popular picnic spots and visited by locals, and tourists all through the year.

4. Hebbe Falls

Photo by Ashwin Kumar, CC BY-SA 2.0

Located in Chikmanglur amidst the Kemmanugundi hills, Hebbe falls offer visitors an unmatched view. There are two parts in which the fall comes down, which are known as Dodda Hebbe and Chikka Hebbe, the former being the major one and the latter, the smaller one. There are rocks and shrubs at the base because of which the waterfalls take a curious winding which is a great sight. Jeeps are available till the base of the falls.

5. Sathodi Falls

Photo by Phaneesh N, CC BY-ND 2.0

Situated at 32 km from Yellapur district, Sathodi Falls resemble the falls from the Jungle Book as there are rocky terrains and dense forests around. Falling from a height of 15 m, Sathodi falls end at the backwaters in Kodasalli dam. You can hire a cab to reach the falls.

6. Gokak Falls

Photo by Sandeep Prakash, CC BY-SA 3.0

Gokak falls lie at a distance of 6 km from Gokak in Belgaum district. It is a one of its kind waterfall in the state or perhaps in the country as the Gokak valley resembles a horse and there is a hanging bridge located at a height of 210 mts across the river. Only 30 people are allowed on the bridge at a time. You can get a great view of the falls from there. Another attraction are the historical monuments on either side.

7. Unchalli Falls

Photo by Balaji Narayanan, CC BY-SA 2.0

It is also known as the Lushington falls as they were first discovered by a person named J. D. Lushington way back in 1845. It is situated at a distance of 25 km from Sirsi town and you will have to trek for about 5 km from Heggarne village to reach it. It is worth the walk to see the falls falling from a height of 170 m and taking different shapes and forms to the delight of onlookers.

8. Iruppu Falls

Photo by ChanduBandi, CC BY 2.0

Surrounded by amazing variety of flora and fauna as it is located near the Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary, the Iruppu falls offers a unique view with its gushing milky water.  It is located at 50 km from Madikeri.  During monsoon, the Iruppu falls are at its glorious best.

9. Kalhatti Falls

Located at Chikmanglur district, the Kalhatti falls flow from Chandra Drona hills to fall from a height of 400 feet. The renowned Veerbhadreshwara temple is located close to the falls.

10. Dubbe Falls

Photo by Vmjmalali, CC BY-SA 4.0

Located amidst hills, the Dubbe falls flow through steep and mighty rocks and take the course of a quiet stream. As it is hidden among dense forests, it takes a long trek of 9 kms to reach the falls but the whole effort is worth it as Dubbe Falls wait in its enchanting glory and offers the most spectacular view to visitors.

Visiting Karnataka just for its waterfalls is worth it. They are such magnificent falls that you completely lose yourself in the view. The beautiful surroundings are another attraction along with the falls. Just to be standing in the company of the gushing waters laughing uproariously on seeing you and the cool surroundings, is an experience which will stay with you forever.

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