Top 5 Historic Places & Monuments in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most modern towns of developing India and is also the most sought after destination for every tourist, be it the family travelers or youngsters. The city possesses diverse combinations of travel places for every type of endeavored, from adventurers to those who love to add historical monuments to their itinerary. It may have developed as a career oriented city but still has heritage in its heart with tons of places to stop at where you will find Bangalore’s rich legacy. So, here we are with a list of top 5 historic places to see in Bangalore and to enrich your knowledge about this town’s glorious past.

1. Vidhan Soudha

Vidhan Soudha
Photo by Hafiz Issadeen, CC BY 2.0

An immense architectural excellence, Vidhan Soudha was erected in 1956 after four years of continuous hard-work of around 1500 artisans and 500 workers. It is actually the central dwelling of state legislature and has the architectural style blended of British, Dravidian and Islamic designs which make it an intensely rare and magnificent masterpiece. You have to pre-plan your travels here as most of the times it is restricted and a common holiday is an idyllic time to visit as that’s when it is beautifully lit up and becomes a striking ecstasy.

2. Tipu’s Palace

Tipu’s Palace
Photo by tomislav medak, CC BY 2.0

Primarily constructed back in 1537, Tipu’s Palace was given an exclusive touch by Tipu Sultan himself and is a glorious witness of Tipu Sultan’s war in opposition to the British colonial army. It is also a dazzling work of Islamic architectural style and is popular for its spectacular teakwood craftwork. There are many secret rooms to this palace which you can explore only through a mastered guide and what’s more is an impressive museum housing the compilation of around 1,000 ancient pictures. The whole aura of the palace will transport you back to those freedom struggle times of India and will make you proud to experience the bravery of Tipu Sultan.

3. Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace
Photo by Masaru Kamikura, CC BY 2.0

Bangalore Palace will strike you against the whole urbanization this city has come around and this place will actually work as a testament for Bangalore’s old times. Reminiscing of an awe-inspiring castle, it is a reconstruction of the Berkshire palace of British. It was erected in 1892 and now it caters to many private balls and ceremonies as the premises promise a grand celebration of any significant occasion. This work of gothic style is definitely a thumbs-up to travel around and be enthralled by the look of the whole astonishing architecture of Bangalore Palace.

4. Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall

Situated in the well-known Cubbon Park of the city, Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall is notable for its exclusive design and is a monument that will spellbind you with its sheer intricacy. The renowned dewan of Mysore, i.e., Sir K. Seshadri Iyer was actually the one in whose memory this historical ecstasy is built. There is a huge library for book lovers that houses hundreds of masterpieces which cannot be found other than here in the country. The eye-catching garden borders this monument giving it a lush appeal and making it a must to visit for all history enthusiasts.

5. Attara Kacheri

Attara Kacheri
Photo by Polytropos, CC BY-SA 3.0

An artistically stunning structure, Attar Kacheri is a monument comprising two floors and is filled with Corinthian designs. It was made in 1864 and was the place of the Public Offices starting by the year 1868 to 1956. Afterwards, it was made into Karnataka’s high court and that’s when the Public Offices got transferred into the Vidhan Soudha. It was also commemorated in the memory of Sir Mark Cubbon, who was Mysore’s Commissioner and you will find his dedicatory epitaphs as well as paintings which are created by Baron Marochetti.

Therefore, there’s a lot to discover in Bangalore and the above-listed destinations are a must if you are a history bug or either you wish to see the offbeat aspect of this city. Bangalore is certainly a city filled with every contradictory endeavor to it and offers an ecstatic expedition for the explorer of any age, so don’t forget to travel to the places suggested above and be surprised by what the town has in store for you!

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