Samudrika Marine Museum, Port Blair

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Photography, monuments, sight-seeing
  • Entrance Fee: Adults- 50 and children-25. No extra charge for
  • Visiting Time: 30am to 5.30pm (Closed on Mondays)
  • Visit Duration: 2 to 3 hours

You may have heard of the term ‘to swim with the fishes’. How about the phrase ‘to walk with the fishes’ then? The Samudrika Naval Marine Museum offers just that. Dive deep into the oceanic underworld of the Andamans and you fall in love with the blues.

Traveller Tips

  • Make sure you don’t mess with the relics in the Museum.
  • Make sure your kids don’t run around anywhere near the artefacts. Pack clothes accordingly so that you are comfortable.
  • Don’t litter the place. Remember it is your responsibility to keep the place clean.
  • Sadly, you cannot feed the fishes! But you can click snaps of these beautiful little creatures. So, don’t forget your camera and they don’t charge you for it!

Things to Do

Is there any shortage of activities to do in a tropical Island getaway? I don’t think so. You have everything you want in the Andamans.

  • Plan a picnic with you loved ones in one of the many tourist attractions in the Andamans.
  • It’s time for some water fun! The pristine sandy beaches and deep gorges of the Andamans give you the perfect arena for some water sports.
  • Let loose and be more adventurous! Go for scuba diving or snorkelling or just take a dip in the ocean blues. Water is the best stress reliever.

Availability of Guides

Being a popular tourist destination there are plenty of guides available for you to plan a wonderful vacation in the Andamans. It is always safe to pick someone who is registered with the official tourism office so that there won’t be any inconveniences later on. You can hire the guide beforehand or you can avail them once you reach the Islands.

Best Time to Visit

Come summer and the Andamans just gives you that lovely tropical tinge. Though the heat can be a bit mean at times, you can cool off in the surrounding deep blue ocean.

How to Reach

Flights frequent Port Blair and being a tropical haven for tourists, it is well accessible. If you are not sea-sick then you head out on a ship and sail in style from Chennai. It takes approximately 3 days to reach Port Blair via ship.

Interesting Facts and Trivia about Samudrika Marine Museum

  • It is a pride project of the Indian Navy.
  • It is sectioned into five separate portions each unique in its setting and style.
  • The Samudrika Marine Museum has an inbuilt aquarium which features the regional varieties of marine life in the Andamans.
  • The Museum is not only a source of entertainment for the visitors, but it is a
  • If you just google a picture of the Museum, you see the skeleton of a large fish encased in glass right up front. This is the skeleton of a baby blue whale that was washed ashore the Andaman Beach.
  • The Samudrika Marine Museum does not charge entrance fees for senior citizens and handicapped. All you need to submit is a valid ID proof.

Nearby Attractions

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Nearby Restaurants

  • Adi Bengali
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The oceanic world is always one to surprise you. The secrets hidden in its mesmerizing blues are still well kept and that is why the ocean is a wonderful mystery. If you have ever gone for scuba diving or deep sea walking or even if you have seen pictures clicked by those who have then you know what you are in for. Before that, you must visit the Samudrika Naval Museum and you will get your first taste of the deep blues.

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