Thiruvalluvar Statue, Kanyakumari

Visitor Information

  • Famous For: History, Tourism, Experience seekers and Photography.
  • Entrance Fee: There is no entry fee charged to tourists and visitors. You will only have to pay for the ferry ride.
  • Visiting Time: Open on all days of the week from 9 AM to 4 PM
  • Visit Duration: Approximately 1-2 hours.

Apart from having the very famous “Triveni Sangam” (three seas meeting), Kanyakumari is well known for its history and unique culture. The Thiruvalluvar statue has been the centre of tourist attraction for a long time now. If you are planning to visit Kanyakumari anytime soon, make sure to visit this one.

Thiruvalluvar Statue
Photo by Ankur P,  CC BY-SA 2.0

Traveller Tips

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You do not want to enjoy less because you are uneasy. You might have to climb around 140 steps (not compulsory) to reach the holy feet of the statue.
  • Carry water and some light food including biscuits. Dehydrating yourself is not a good idea and it is better to keep things in hand in case of any emergency.
  • Wear sunscreen if you have sensitive skin. The sun is usually harsh all year round.
  • During the ferry ride, do not lean or push anyone. This might be the cause of unnecessary trouble.
  • If you want to enjoy the most, keep some time in hand. If you reach late, you might have to leave early because there is a chance of missing the last ferry.

Things to Do

  • If you love food, trying out authentic South Indian dishes from the local restaurants is the best way to explore the place. The cuisine is amazing and the food will leave your taste buds immensely happy.
  • To keep memories for a lifetime, click many pictures of the mesmerising scenery. The place is beautiful.

Availability of Guides

The best way to get detailed information about the Thiruvalluvar Statue in Kanyakumari is by doing some research online. Look for blog posts, personal experiences and articles. There are some very well described and very informative too. You can also enquire the locals about the history and culture of the place.

How to Reach

  • You can reach Kanyakumari without any hassle by means of air, road or railways.
  • The nearest airport is the Trivandrum International Airport which is approximately at a distance of 85 kilometres. Hire a cab or avail the bus services from there.
  • There is a Kanyakumari Railway Junction which is very near to the main city. You can take a bus or a taxi from outside the station to reach your destination.

Best Time to Visit

The summer months are usually hot and humid. The temperature during these months can range from 22 degrees centigrade to 35 degrees centigrade. There is also occasional rainfall. The best time to plan a trip to Kanyakumari is between the months of October and March. The weather is very pleasant. The winter temperature is usually between 17 to 30 degrees.

All throughout the year, Kanyakumari has moderate climate with the exception of monsoons. Rainfall can hamper your holiday up to some extent.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About the Thiruvalluvar Statue

  • The weight of the Thiruvalluvar stautue in Kanyakumari is 7000 tons and stands tall at a height of 95 feet.
  • The project of building the statue was undertaken in the year 1979. It was the same year that its first stone was laid.
  • The inauguration of the statue was a grand occasion. The former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. Ganapathi Stapathi had graced the auspicious event. It took place in the year 2000.
  • More than 480 workers toiled endlessly to build this statue.
  • The statue is a symbol of dedication to the great Saint Thiruvalluvar. He had enlightened us with his wisdom and knowledge known as Thirukkural.
  • On the Mandapa below the statue, one can spot 10 elephant statues that each symbolizes the 10 directions. According to this, there are 8 directions on earth and the other two points towards the sky above and the space below.
  • Thirukkural or “The Sacred Couplets” have three sections namely Alam, Porul and Inbam. The Thiruvalluvar statue has been constructed keeping that in mind.
  • You will have to climb a total of 140 steps on the Mandapa to reach the actual feet of this giant statue.
Thiruvalluvar Statue Kanyakumari
Photo by pranav, CC BY 2.0

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Nearby Restaurants

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If you are in Kanyakumari, it is an absolute must to visit the statue of Thiruvalluvar. It is one place you just cannot afford to miss.

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