10 Best Resorts in Panchgani

Surrounded by five hills, Panchgani is a hill station in the Satara district of Maharashtra. Its location close to Pune and Mumbai makes Panchgani a sought after tourist destination. Though the temperatures in summer soar, in winters Panchgani transforms into a paradise with its lush greenery and cool weather.

The town remains highly unpolluted and its fresh and calm surroundings attract visitors from all over the country. The places to see in and around Panchgani include Mapro Garden, Bombay Point, Sydney Point, Table Land, and the Panchganga temple among others.  Go-carting, paragliding, and horseback riding are popular activities to here.

This stunning hill town was set up by an English officer named John Chesson in the nineteenth century. Chesson then asked people with different professions to move to Panchgani to convert this virgin land into one of the most famous hill stations in western India. As people moved to Panchgani, a market was developed and they started residing in the area below the market, the ‘gaothan’.  Exuding an old-world charm yet bathed in contemporary hospitality, Panchgani continues to offer enchantment to visitors.

Presently Panchgani has a number hotels and resorts ranging from budget friendly to extravagant. Here we present to you the list of top ten resorts in Panchgani to help you sort through the options and have a great getaway to this scenic town:

1. Ravine Hotel

Ravine Hotel
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Situated at the foot of Sydney point, Ravine Hotel provides an escape from the hectic lifestyle that we are all a part of in the modern world. At the height of 4,500 feet, this place offers great views of the valley and a charming garden. The hotel also has tent accommodations for visitors who want to feel closer to nature. The restaurant at the hotel will provide you with delicious meals to make your taste buds delight in the exotic flavours of the authentic Maharashtrian cuisine. The spa here has a number of facilities available to revitalize and rejuvenate you, so make sure to give it a try.

2. Prospect Hotel

Prospect Hotel
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This hotel is run by a family and they make sure that their guests feel like a part of the family too. At Prospect Hotel, you will have a home away from home. This beautiful hotel features a variety of cottages to satisfy varied needs of travellers. The king’s cottage is the largest and is befitting if you want to experience a royal lifestyle in Panchgani. Its location at a walking distance from the tourist spots in the city makes this hotel an amazing option.

3. Il Palazzo Hotel

Il Palazzo Hotel
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The generous hospitality of this family run establishment makes it special. Il Palazzo is run by a Parsi family and is set in a British built property. This century-old hotel has been around and in business since 1925 and has catered to visitors since. The Parsi delicacies at this hotel are mouth-watering and will keep you desiring for more. Visit the Il Palazzo with your family and friends over the weekend to lift your spirits.\

4. Blue Country Resort

Blue Country Resort
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Blue Country Resort is situated at the foot of the famous table top mountains of Panchgani. This resort provides spacious rooms, a multi-cuisine restaurant, space for indoor and outdoor activities, and business and conference rooms. The resort also features picturesque views of the table-land and the valley and lets visitors bask in the tranquillity and calm.

5. Hotel Millennium Park

Hotel Millennium Park
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Situated close to On Wheelz Amusement Park, Hotel Millennium Park is the place for you if you desire a fun-filled yet comfortable stay. This hotel’s location near the tourist sights makes it easily accessible to visitors. The place offers rooms to fit in a diversity of budgets and needs. From tent rooms in the garden to the honeymoon suite with a personal Jacuzzi, this hotel caters to everyone.

6. Wonder Woods

Wonder Woods
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Wonder Woods is located at a walking distance from the main market in the town and shares proximity with visitor’s favourites like Sydney Point and Parsi Point. With a number of different accommodations available around the main heritage house called ‘nests’, Wonder Woods will give you the experience of a fancy retreat. The resort also offers a play area for kids, and corporate as well as personal style suites.

7. Sherbaug

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Sherbaug Theme Park and Luxury Tent Resort has a very casual ambiance where you are free to do as you please. This resort has tents located amidst the natural beauty of Panchgani. There are a water park and a theme park for the fun loving people and a fossil museum and a cactus museum for the inquisitive and curious souls. The restaurant at the resort serves delicious multi-cuisine food so make sure to taste that on your trip.

8. Cliff Inn

Cliff Inn
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Experience harmony and serenity at the Cliff Inn situated near the table top hills. This quiet hotel is well equipped with facilities to make your stay comfortable. Take a dip in the swimming pool and wash your stress away, or ride the horses and feed the adventurer in you. You can also have a fun time with your friends and family playing snooker and badminton at the resort.

9. Panchgani Health Resort

Panchgani Health Resort
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With a luxury spa to do away with your troubles, Panchgani Health Resort offers many benefits and they aren’t just for the health conscious. The stunning views of the hillocks from this resort are extraordinary; it is definitely a sight you would want to wake up to every day. This resort is also suited for your business needs as it provides quick and friendly services and amenities like conference hall for formal and cafes for informal discussions.

10. Terra Camp

Terra Camp
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If you are an active adventure seeker, Terra Camp is your seamless match. This adventure friendly resort exudes a rugged, down to earth feel where all feel one with nature. Hang out with your friends at Terra Camp and make the best of your visit by going on treks, biking on hill trails, and having a great time by the bonfire at the camp.

There are a number of places in Panchgani to keep you and your pocket happy. We hope the list above was of help and will make choosing a place to spend your vacations and getaways easier for you. Which of these resorts have you been to? Did we miss out on your favourite places? Write to us in the comments section below to get a dialogue going!

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