Top 10 Vineyard Resorts in Nashik

If you’re looking for a wine tour near you, Nashik would probably be the first place that comes to mind, and you wouldn’t be wrong, for the ever-growing tourist destination that is Nashik has an array of attractions along with its wine opportunities to lure you in. You’d want to find a nice winery in Nashik for an elegant day out with your friends to explore some wine tasting in your weekend away from home. Not only does Nashik provide some great tourist spots and indulgent wine, there are places where you can unwind after a long day of touring the city. Here are some of the popular resorts in Nashik to make your getaway perfect.

1. Beyond Vineyard Resorts

Beyond Vineyard Resorts
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Famous for providing the package of ‘Nashik Vineyard Stay’, Beyond Vineyard Resorts offers perfect opportunities to tour the vineyard facilities of Nashik. With chances of bringing together your love of wine in tasting and recommending, you also get to enjoy the therapeutic spa treatments, comfortable rooms and suites with multi-cuisine restaurants at the Beyond Vineyard Resorts to keep you fully satisfied during your tour.

2. Soma Service Apartments

Soma Service Apartments
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Wine being Nashik’s main business, resorts of this bustling tourist city are famous for including incredible packages for its guests during their trip. Soma Service Apartments brings together luxury, comfort, privacy and a delightful tour of the vineyards of Nashik all in one, which is certain to keep you busy holding your wine glass throughout the day. With an admirable service and an apartment all to yourself, you can’t miss the attractive features of Soma Service Apartments.

3. Soma Vineyards

Soma Vineyards
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Since Soma Vineyards is the most popular winery in Nashik, with a long-standing history, it comes with various options for its guests to choose from. With different types of accommodations to suit the requirements and budget of all its visitors, Soma Vineyards has a resort located right within its famous vineyard, where you can get an unforgettable experience of wine tasting and vineyard exploration. Soma Vineyards provides some great guest packages that will prove to be the ideal choice for a lot of its guests.

4. Savana Lake Resort

Savana Lake Resort
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The view of the Sahyadri Hills in the background along with a mesmeric lake greeting you through your window, Savana Lake Resort in Nashik goes a long way in ensuring that its guests have a wonderful time. Savana Lake Resort organises daily winery tours for the guests, along with providing stuff like a swimming pool, water sports, indoor and outdoor sports, trekking, hiking, farming, children’s playground and many other things.

5. Soma Vine Village

Soma Vine Village
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If service apartments aren’t your thing, you can opt to stay in the luxurious villas of Soma Vine Village, which not only includes an irresistible package of vineyard tours, but also offers delectable multi-cuisine food to go along with it. Soma Vine Village is located right next to the Soma Village Vineyards, and here you can rest assured that you’d be intoxicated until the very brink during your winery tour in Nashik. Plus, you get to return to a lavish villa and be treated with great service while at Soma Vine Village.

6. Nashik Vineyard Resort

The dream of many people is to wake up to the scent of intoxicating wine and fall asleep to the same, and Nashik Vineyard Resort promises exactly that. Situated within a fantastic vineyard with the backdrop of the Sahyadri Hills, Nashik Vineyard Resort offers luxury suites combining excellence and modern amenities to keep its guests happy. With regular vineyard tours and the opportunity to dine in the elegant restaurants of delectable Italian cuisine that offer a marvellous selection of wines, you really couldn’t ask for anything more while at Nashik Vineyard Resort.

7. Anand Resort

Anand Resort
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Pilgrims heading to the nearby town of Shirdi do stop by at Anand Resort, but tourists looking for a wine tour are also fond of this pretty and affordable place to stay at in Nashik. Anand Resort is located within a gorgeous garden and is surrounded by the Sahyadri Hills, which makes it a rather naturally beautiful creation of man within the city of Nashik. Anand Resort also provides luxury accommodation in a budget, which has made it very popular among tourists.

8. Manas Resort

Manas Resort
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Rejuvenate yourself and find your calm within chaos at Manas Resort, one of the most popular family resorts in Nashik. Manas Resort comes with multi-cuisine and separate vegetarian restaurants, a children’s playground, indoor and outdoor activities, wine tasting and vineyard tours, affordable and comfy accommodation, cricket and volleyball lawns and what not. Being an adored resort of Nashik, Manas Resort attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year, be it for wine tours or a simple weekend getaway.

9. Beyond by Sula

Beyond by Sula
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Escape to the most stylish and beautiful resort of Nashik, known as Beyond by Sula, which is situated in the midst of a vast vineyard that is sure to take you by surprise at every turn. Beyond by Sula offers an infinity pool, multi-cuisine restaurants, luxury accommodation, gymnasiums, Ayurvedic spa, a hot tub and the likes, combined with a memorable tour of the vineyard it is located in, alongside day-long wine tasting sessions for its guests. There’s this and a lot more that awaits you at Beyond by Sula in Nashik.

10. E&G Green Valley Resort

E&G Green Valley Resort
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One of the many well-known and loved resorts of Nashik is the E&G Green Valley Resort. Settled within a natural surrounding and a contemporarily decorated interior that captures everyone’s attention, Green Valley Resort is home to a widely known therapeutic spa that provides perfect therapies for all its guests. You can enjoy a vineyard tour or two and return to a calming and relaxing ambience of Green Valley Resort at the end of the day, and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

With Nashik being the Wine Capital of India, it is nothing but attractive amidst the view of the looming Sahyadri Hills of Maharashtra that are sure to take your breath away. So don’t wait any longer and book your wine tour in Nashik already!

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