Top 10 Resorts in Matheran

A gem in the state of Maharashtra, Matheran, located in the Raigad district, is the smallest and one of the loveliest hill stations of India. Just spanning 7 square kilometres, at an elevation of 2625 feet above the sea level, this tiny spot has many places that will interest tourists. For your convenience, we’ve listed here ten of the best resorts in Matheran that will make your stay comfortable as well as a joyous one.

1. Radha Cottage Village Resort

Radha Cottage Village Resort
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A reasonably priced resort that will cheer up your wallet, Radha Cottage Village Resort offers all the comforts within their plush rooms, luxurious amenities and friendly hospitality. Located in the midst of dense forest cover overlooking dazzling valleys, this resort offers a unique experience in Matheran. Cozy and restful ambiance makes you calm and helps enjoy in quaint hill station even more. Sightseeing facilities, business halls, finger licking good food, art rooms etc. are some of the facilities provided here.

2. Adamo The Resort

Adamo The Resort
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Luxury mingled with a soothing environment makes a perfect holiday and this is exactly what is offered by Adamo the Resort. Echoing the colonial era through the architecture and decor, the resort transports us back to pre-Indian independence times in a wonderful manner. Perfectly landscaped lawns, zigzagging pathways lined with cobblestones and facilities like disco, a skating rink, swimming pool etc. make the stay here an exciting one.

3. The Verandah in The Forest

The Verandah in The Forest
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Constructed in the 19th century by Captain Barr, The Verandah in the Forest is one of the oldest building built in Matheran. Counted among the best resorts in the site now, this place is touted as Asia’s only pedestrian hill resort. Royal in all respects, the location of this resort is among similarly ancient manors of British and Parsi. Valley Crossing, Horse Riding etc. are some of the activities offered here. The resort is also situated close to the lovely Charlotte Lake and other interesting sites.

4. Fleetwoods House

Fleetwoods House
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A charming cottage built in the late 19th century, Fleetwoods House is a resort that is one of a kind. Constructed in colonial era style, the sprawling resort extends over 5 acres of beautiful land. Perfect for travellers craving an offbeat and unique experience, Fleetwoods House’s luxurious accommodations will have you wanting to stay for more time. Scrumptious Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisine is served in the restaurants. Amenities like a fully set up kitchen, TV, DVD Player, clean linens and towels etc. are offered at this resort.

5. Usha Ascot

Usha Ascot
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One of the most popular and best resorts in Matheran is the Usha Ascot nestled within the lush greenery of Matheran. Just 2 kilometres from Matheran Hill Railway, the resort is known for its warm and friendly service. Lavishly decorated, all the amenities one could desire can be found here. The restaurant served delicious but only vegetarian food.

6. Horseland Hotel and Mountain Spa

Horseland Hotel and Mountain Spa
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Comfortable luxury is served with a friendly smile at Horseland Hotel and mountain spa. Authentically designed and stylish in its own way, this resort is a favourite among seasoned travellers who crave for comfort and luxury at the same time. Jacuzzi, buffet at the garden, swimming pool equipped with aqua therapy, games like Table tennis, pool, badminton etc., karaoke, discotheque, Ayurvedic spa treatments are all part of the perks offered at this resort.

7. Saguna Baug

Saguna Baug
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Shekhar Bhadsavle built the exotic Saguna Baug to make his father’s wishes come true. Set in a gorgeous farm, the soothing atmosphere of the resort calms your nerves and is a favourite among travellers. A small agricultural hub, this site interests everyone who is a gardener or wishes to be one. From activities like farming and gardening to horse and buffalo riding, rod fishing, fish farming etc. are provided here.

8. The Byke Resort

The Byke Resort
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A 7 acres wide expanse is covered by the Byke Resort that is nestled within the dense cover of the Western Ghats. A heritage hotel converted into a resort, the luxuries offered here are authentic and served with great care. The multi cuisine restaurant makes sure you are treated with tasty food. Located away from the main part of the town ensures the visitors here have a calm atmosphere to relax away from the noise of the city. Gym, disco, library etc. are some of the amenities offered here.

9. Green Hill Resort

Green Hill Resort
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Located just 50 kilometres from the Mumbai International Airport, Green Hill Resort is enchanting at the least. Set in the clouds and perched in the stunning mountains of Pelhar, this resort offers a tremendous view of the valleys and the encompassing mountains Green Hill Resort is located such that many attractions of Matheran are quite close to it. Providing a wide range of facilities for your comfort, this resort will make your holiday a memorable one.

10. Rivergate Resort

Rivergate Resort
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Situated just 90 kilometres from Mumbai and 120 from Pune, Rivergate Resort is also an ideal weekend getaway for people wanting to take a break from the city life. Pleasant environment, affordable prices, perfect atmosphere that allows you to rejuvenate, the resort is ideal for spending quality time with friends, family or just your partner.

The top ten resorts of Matheran ensure your holiday goes perfectly and in a fun-filled way.

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