Top 10 Family Holiday Resorts in Karjat

You might have seen the brilliant tourist destinations of Maharashtra, but if you haven’t spared a glance at one of the natural treasures of the Sahyadri Hills, there’s something really great you’re missing out on. Karjat could well be an underexplored region of Maharashtra, but it is home to some of the best weekend resorts coupled with naturally beautiful destinations that are certain to steal your breath right out of you. Karjat is of such unparalleled beauty, it has also been the filming location of many Hindi blockbusters. If trekking is your thing and relaxing for a weekend is also your cup of tea, check out some of the best holiday resorts of Karjat.

1. Rivergate Resorts

Rivergate Resorts
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Enjoy living in the countryside with modern and fully equipped amenities that will totally bring your tired self-alive at Rivergate Resorts. Here you can have a wildlife walk, relax at the spa, play cricket, volleyball and badminton, swim through the outdoor pool, do the flying fox, river tubing, net climbing and what not. After all this adventure, you can relax in the comfortable and cosy rooms or suites of Rivergate Resorts with the opportunity to enjoy 24-hour multi-cuisine dining at your service.

2. Mohili Meadows

Mohili Meadows
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If the adventurer in your needs to be let out of its shell, Mohili Meadows will go to many lengths in ensuring that. A vast swimming pool, a gorgeous backdrop, comfortable rooms and activities that’ll get your blood pumping, Mohili Meadows is a perfect getaway for adventurous stuff. You can indulge in activities like zorbing, rifle shooting, archery, zip lining, trekking, hiking, sumo fighting, cycling among other things. Not only that, the variety of options for dining at Mohili Meadows are nothing short of delectable.

3. Piccadilly

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River Pej will take your breath away once you get a view of it from the beautiful resort that is Piccadilly in Karjat. Leading you through endless twists full of unbelievable charm, Piccadilly is a complete eye-catching beauty in the midst of Karjat’s natural environment. Piccadilly offers its guests a vast swimming pool, a criterion theatre, steam room, lawn tennis, gym, indoor and outdoor games etc. all with the prospect of staying in some enviably snuggly rooms and suites that will steal away your pain and worries.

4. Pinewood Resort

Pinewood Resort
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Located in the midst of tranquillity and a mere 5kms from Karjat railway station, Pinewood Resort has been popular since 1989. Despite being such an old creation, Pinewood maintains a lot of its charm and provides great hospitality to its guests. With beautiful and varied flowers in the garden of the owners of Pinewood, it will give you nothing but joy to stay at this calming resort away from the loud city life that you’ve craved to leave behind for a few days. Rock climbing and ziplining are popular activities while at Pinewood.

5. Modi’s Resort

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30 acres of calm and serenity await you at Dr. Modi’s Resort in the lap of the Sahyadri Hills in Karjat. The owners, Dr. and Mrs. Modi are kind and hospitable hosts who welcome guests with much warmth into their resort. Here you can have yourself and your family a relaxing time, with amenities like comfortable rooms, cycling paths, jogging and walking tracks, children’s playground, a gym, a jacuzzi, and many indoor and outdoor gaming facilities.

6. River Touch Resort

River Touch Resort
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Though there are fewer activities you can indulge in while at River Touch Resort, you can have the most relaxing time in the lap of green and munificent nature. River Touch Resort is perfectly perched upon the banks of River Pej, it is a resort right in the midst of dense woods where you’d feel like you’re living in the wild. With cosy rooms and an indulgent atmosphere, this touch with nature is certain to make you forget all of the troubles that you came with.

7. Saguna Baug

Saguna Baug
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Built by the son of a freedom fighter, Saguna Baug comes with a charm unlike any other. Here you can take part in activities that will bring you close to nature, as there is hardly anything artificial about Saguna Baug. Nature walks, traditional walks, swimming in the river, campfire, traditional and tribal performances, delectable vegetarian food, botanical trips and bird watching are some of the most interesting parts of staying at Saguna Baug. Add to that a cosy stay and you’d have the time of your life.

8. Atsa Satya Resort

Perfect for families as well as colleagues, Atsa Satya Resort was originally a farm, and it still retains its previous reputation. You get to enjoy a truly therapeutic experience at Satya Resort’s tranquil spa and recreation centre, rejuvenate yourself through yoga and meditation, and become one with your soul through the many relaxing activities you can take part in while at this resort. There is quite a lot to explore with yourself once you’ve been to Atsa Satya Resort in Karjat’s most calming part.

9. Monteria Resort

Monteria Resort
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Monteria Resort has a grand reputation amongst its frequent visitors. It provides hospitality like no other, an ideal and romantic getaway for couples, children’s park, gym, indoor and outdoor games, and suites of luxury and charm that bring together a comfort that you won’t get anywhere else in Karjat. Activities that guests can indulge in are of the likes of zorbing, paintballing, sumo wrestling, archery and many other such amazing things that Monteria offers.

10. Discover Resort

Discover Resort
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If you’re a lover of nothing but luxury and tranquillity in the lap of nature, Discover Resort will provide you exactly that. With lavish rooms, a serene pool, a relaxing spa, a clubhouse, gym, indoor and outdoor games and so much more coming alongside an opulence like no other, Discover Resort is everything you were looking for if you enjoy a lavish holiday.

Karjat’s unmatched beauty might just become your favourite once you’ve had a holiday or a mere weekend at one of the aforesaid comfy resorts. You’d truly feel like you’re resting in the lap of the Sahyadri Hills and breathing in the mesmeric charm of Karjat.

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