Top 15 Homestays in Wayanad

Wayanad is a lovely hill station town in God’s own country, Kerala. The penetrating aura of Kerala reaches the borders of Wayanad in the forms of hilly winds, rich flora and a charming climate. The place is a collection of numerous lakes, hill top viewpoints, temples and waterfalls. Enjoy the tranquility of this gorgeous town by staying in the wonderful home stays it provides. These home stays will provide a unique experience for all travelers, looking to step outside the confines of expensive luxury hotels. Stay at any of these heartwarming home stays and truly live the air of Wayanad.

1. Olives Homestay

Olives Homestay
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Olives homestay provides a warm and homely environment for anyone looking for a scenic retreat. The doors to this home stay open to a majestic view, of mountains and hilly sunshine. The place is kept upbeat by friendly owners, who provide fantastic food to its guests. Head on over for a charming stay at Olives homestay.

2. Aashwas Holiday Home

Aashwas Holiday Home
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For a memorable stay, taking in every essence of Kerala, head on over to the Aashwas Holiday Home. Housing spacious rooms and an infinitely spacious heart, this home stay has everything you need to call it a home away from home. The place is well connected to Wayanad tourist spots and even has a volleyball court to keep you entertained in your idle hours.

3. Spice Garden

Spice Garden
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Nestled in the cuddling embrace of greenery, the Spice Garden is an exquisite homestay to spend a relaxing retreat in Wayanad. The home stay provides delicious food, clean rooms and a spacious farm. Enjoy some dazzling nights under the starry sky, sipping freshly brewed coffee at this beautiful homestay.

4. Kudajadri Drizzle Homestay

Kudajadri Drizzle Homestay
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A homestay that combines comfort and luxury, Kadujadri Drizzle Homestay is a wonderful place to unwind and forget all your worries. Surrounded by lively gardens, with outdoor seating like benches, the insides are well supplied by all the modern amenities. Enjoy some lip smacking delicacies of south India, prepared with a touch of homely warmth and revel in the spellbinding scenery.

5. Sweet Home

Sweet Home
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A warm and courteous staff greets you at the entrance of Sweet Home, living up to its welcoming name. The place is well equipped with all the amenities for a comfortable stay. The home stay is located near to major tourist attractions in Wayanad, making it easier for you to experience the place’s wholesome beauty. The facilities of this home stay are neat, spacious and extremely aesthetic.

6. Cheeral Green Homestay

Cheeral Green Homestay
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The old-world charm of this red bricked bungalow will charm your senses to their core. Cheeral Green Homestay is a wonderful estate, full of vibrant green gardens and colorful flowers within its premises. The place also has a parking space available. Within the comforts of its walls, one can find expansive rooms, mouthwatering food and a courteous staff.

7. Melvins Homestay

Melvins Homestay
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With a beautiful view of the greens and a hospitable staff, Melvin’s homestay proves to be a class apart from all other accommodations. One can enjoy a comfortable stay, some heartwarming food and a refreshing environ, all under the same square feet of land. The place is close by to all scenic spots of Wayanad, so you can reach them in a jiffy.

8. Annapara Homestay

Annapara Homestay
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Situated on a hill top, this homestay provides panoramic views of the entire mountain ranges. Enjoy an energizing stay at Annapara Homestay, with its open amphitheater and outdoor dining facilities, which keep you mesmerized throughout your stay. You can even take a swim in their clean pool or spend cozy nights with your loved ones at the evening bon fires.

9. Pepper villa Homestay

Pepper villa Homestay
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Get pampered at the hands of nature and friendly hosts, at the Pepper Villa Homestay. The place provides its guests with a symphony of pleasant emotions, joy at the cozy rooms, nostalgia at the home cooked food and relaxation at the quietude. Have a wonderful time at this home stay crafted especially for the traveler in you.

10. Aashirvad’s Pleasant Stay

Aashirvad’s Pleasant Stay
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A harmonious home stay, Aashirvad’s Pleasant Stay will provide a therapeutic experience for you. You can enjoy a private experience at their cottages that are spacious and aesthetic at the same time. Get pampered by the mouthwatering home cooked meals and a picturesque environment.

11. Puzhamoola Homestay

Puzhamoola Homestay
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A friendly host is all you need to make your home stay experience a truly memorable one. This is exactly what you get at the Puzhamoola Homestay. The hospitality received at this home stay is unparalleled elsewhere. Enjoy a wondrous experience at this homestay, complete with a dining area, gorgeous rooms and heavenly food.

12. Kalindi Homestay

Kalindi Homestay
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This home stay is located in a serene and quaint spot, which will entice you the moment you enter its compounds. The homestay is a perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved ones. With all the basic amenities provided for, no day at the Kalindi Homestay will be a routine one. The place is situated quite near to the tourist spots of Wayanad.

13. Misty Mount Homestay

Misty Mount Homestay
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The pleasant climate of Wayanad can be enjoyed thoroughly in the spacious homestay of Misty Mount Homestay. The place has all the modern amenities, providing luxury and comfort in addition to a rendezvous with nature. The authentic Kerala cuisine will stay on your taste buds for days on end. The home stay is perfect to spend time with your loved ones.

14. Wayanad Neverland

Wayanad Neverland
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An aesthetic piece of estate, the Wayanad Neverland keeps your spirits high and engrossed at all times. The staff and services of the place are of the highest standards. A lively place with expansive rooms and well-manicured gardens, the home stay is surely value for money. Head on over to this friendly accommodation for a unique experience.

15. Lake Rose

Lake Rose
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A contemporary bungalow with white washed walls and bright red roofs, the colour play of Lake Rose home stay will be the first thing that catches your eyes. With the exteriors charming you instantly, the well-kept rooms with fresh linens will leave you in a state of bliss. The place has a modern kitchen with all the requirements. The breathtaking garden will become the central point of discussion for the visitors even days after the trip.

Wayanad in Kerala invites all tourists to experience its pristine beauty. Such a humbling environment can be fully lived only in the authenticity of a home stay, as the hosts add another flavor to your South Indian travel recipe.

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