10 Best Resorts in Kasauli

Nestled in the vivacious state of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli is a magnificent sight to behold. If anyone wishes to have the ultimate hill station experience in India, Kasauli is one of the top places that comes to mind. The slithering roads, the open vistas and the natural beauty of Kasauli draws innumerable tourists to its hills, all year round. The beautiful cantonment hills of Kasauli have generous flora and fauna in their wilderness, appealing to the nature lovers.

And to truly enjoy the worthy sights of Kasauli, you must be well-rested and comforted at some of the best resorts the place has to offer. To enjoy the best of this hill station, head on over to any of these 10 beautiful resorts that will only enhance your hill experience.

1. Kasauli Castle Resort

Kasauli Castle Resort
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Staying true to its name, the Castle Resort is regally furnished to give you a taste of the charming Kasauli. The resort is a beautiful place to relax and rejuvenate, away from the asphalt jungle of the cities. Sit on the well-maintained lawns of the resort and take in the evergreen beauty and tranquility of the place, with courteous staff at your service. Settle in at the Castle Resort for a relaxing sojourn to energize you for the sightseeing in Kasauli.

2. Baikunth Resort

Baikunth Resort
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One of the most beautiful resorts, Baikunth is a scenic and unique place to spend your Kasauli days. Set amidst tall trees and a cozy environment, Baikunth is surely going to give a cherished stay at the hills. It houses a great number activities, from a bar to a café to a spa & health center for your leisure. The gorgeous views offered by your room’s window are sure to make you question the need to leave the resort to enjoy Kasauli.

3. Kasauli Regency

Kasauli Regency
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A new resort compared to some of the well-established ones, Kasauli Regency still stands firm, ready to bowl you over with its services. Containing cozy rooms with pleasing décor, the thing that attracts most tourists to this resort is its unique “silent party” facility. You can enjoy a surreal headphone party in its famous “Hangout Bar” for a truly energizing and fun experience.

4. Winnies Holiday Inn

Winnies Holiday Inn
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Amidst the pine thickets, lies this delightful resort serving as an ideal place to relax and be captivated by the mesmerizing hills. The intoxicating air of Kasauli with the unparalleled views of the hills make Winnies Holiday Inn everything you could ever dream for. The best part of this resort however lies in the open lawn theatre, where you can be entertained against the backdrop of nature.

5. Bird View Kasauli Resort

Bird View Kasauli Resort
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A cottage resort in Kasauli, Bird View Kasauli Resort justifies its name very aptly. Sitting in your own lawn, you can enjoy some delightful sights of hill birds, coloring your view with their vibrant colours, and filling your ears with their melody. Sit back in this fantastic resort and enjoy some private moments with nature.

6. Hills Pride Resort

Hills Pride Resort
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Located in a small village near Kasauli called Sanawar, Hills Pride Resort offers an old-world charm that one desires from any hill station resort. With stunning paths to enjoy morning walks, the star attraction of this place would be the spectacular sunrise views it provides from its lawns. The wooden interiors give this resort a thorough warm ambience, a perfect complement to the cool mountain air.

7. Mystic Pines

Mystic Pines
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A truly mystical and magical spot in the core of tall pine trees, Mystic Pines resort beckons all nature lovers to its premises. Built in such a way so as to keep the guests in close proximity to nature, the greenery of the hills is captured beautifully by the architects of this resort. Added to that, even the sun rays are incorporated in this resort, since the sunrise can be witnessed at every nook of the resort; be it the decks or the spiral stair-cases.

8. Whispering Winds

Whispering Winds
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A beautiful name for an even more attractive place, Whispering Winds is your gateway to resort haven. A homely environment with a touch of a hotel’s generous charm, the resort is sure to give you every reason to come back to visit Kasauli. The sway of the pine trees and the clatter of their leaves, heard from the resort’s well-cut lawns are a delightful experience to enjoy in Kasauli.

9. Una Comfort Kasauli Hill Resort

Una Comfort Kasauli Hill Resort
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Talking about a close-to-nature experience from the modern hotel rooms seems unsatisfactory for the true adventure seekers. Head on over to the UNA Comfort Kasauli Hill Resort that gives camping and picnic facilities for its guests to live in the lap of nature. Enjoy panoramic views not from the window of your room, but from the crevices of your tents. Also at your service is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving delectable food for your palate.

10. Kasauli Continental Resort

Kasauli Continental Resort
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A resort located just near to the Kasauli hills, Kasauli Continental Resort is the perfect blend of finesse and hospitality. Providing cottage facilities to its guests, indulge yourself in the natural beauty of the valleys and the cordiality of the hotel’s staff. Be floored by the stone architecture of the extravagant resort. Relax, refresh and rejoice in this elegant edifice in the lovely town of Kasauli.

Take a trip down the lane of tranquility and enjoy the unmatched aura of this hill station. A decorated town with old-world charm, Kasauli is sure to sweep you off your feet at your next trip. Visit any of these 10 resorts for an even more unforgettable experience.

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