Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations In Tamil Nadu

Looking for a special place to spend some special time with your special someone? Well, your search ends here. Tamil Nadu is generally looked up to as an education hub but the state has also been blessed with abundant beauty. No matter what kind of honeymooner you are – ones who are looking for a temple tour, ones looking for a bonding hill-station or the ones looking for some adventure, Tamil Nadu has an option for you! The people here are really welcoming and if you know English, language will not be a problem. So, here are the top 5 honeymoon destinations in Tamil Nadu:

1. Ooty

Photo by Zigg-E, CC BY-ND 2.0 

Ooty is located on the enchanting Blue Mountains, the Nilgiri Hills. A hot cup of tea (chai) has always been the accompaniment to story-telling and relaxed conversation. But the Nilgiri Tea will excite your taste-buds, soothe your nerves and make you feel one with nature. If you happen to visit in January, make sure you attend the Nilgiri Tea festival! Besides the sprawling tea estates, Ooty is also famous for its rose gardens. Roses have always symbolized love and the Rose Garden thus becomes a necessary spot on your itinerary. The variety and beauty of the roses is sure to enthrall you. Go to Ooty for the perfect climate- chilly, snuggly and fresh, the gorgeous greenery and the scenic sights!

2. Kodaikanal

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Kodaikanalthe hill station in the Pali hills is blessed with an abundance of Fruits and Flowers. The famous Orchid Museum here will blow your mind with the vibrant colors and dynamic variety of its orchids. That’s a sight you will never forget. Boating is a perfect honeymoon activity- just the two of you, amidst serene waters, with plenty of time and space to get to know each other with a backdrop of scenic beauty. And Kodaikanal makes it even more interesting with its star-shaped lake. Byrant Park is where you will witness flowers at their absolute best. It’s the perfect destination for photographers. The fairy falls feel like a connection between the sky and the earth and thus make a perfect picnic spot for you to connect with. If you guys are the made-for-each-other photographer and poser pair, this is the place.

3. Chennai

Photo by Thangaraj Kumaravel, CC BY 2.0 

If isolation from the world is not your thing, Chennai is your ideal travel destination as it is a metropolitan city with also the luxuries of modern life and still offers some exquisite sights to see, monuments to explore and beaches to relax. The Marina Beach is the longest one in the country and is where the entire city goes to deal with the summer heat. The orange gleam of the sunrise and sunset reflecting on the golden sand and complemented by the cool blue of the water is an enthralling sight which should make you feel relaxed enough to let go and open your soul to your partner. If religious places are your way of starting a new journey, you can visit the Parthasarthy temple, the Kapaleeswarar temple or the Santhome Cathedral. St George Fort beautifully encapsulates British and French history, the pioneers of the idea of eternal love! The climate in the summer might seem daunting and Pongal is celebrated in January which makes the city a different place. So yes, the best time to visit is the winter.

4. Coimbatore

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They say marriage is about celebrating the ordinary. This place makes even water special. Coimbatore serves Siruvani water which boasts of being the second tastiest water in the world. So definitely say no to packaged water here! Marudhmalai Temple also known as the Miracle site – where you can make your first combined wish and the Perur temple or the Holy sites are must visits in Coimbatore. The Anaikatty range of hills provide an alternate landscape and ample space away from civilization just for the two of you and the foothills, Chinnathadagam is a popular sunrise/sunset spot known to spark the same glow in relationships. Go here for a blend of industry and nature and a beautiful weather!

5. Madurai

Photo by McKay Savage, CC BY 2.0 

This is the land of temples. Madurai will leave you filled with blessings and promises of miracles to last a life time. Besides, the temples have some exquisite architecture and fascinating history too. The Meenaakshi temple, Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam- with its float festival- and Koodal Azhagar Temple are the most popular spots in Madurai. Thirumalai Nayak Mahal is a beautifully built palace whose two parts are as enchanting as their names- ‘Swarga Vilas’, the abode of heaven and ‘Ranga Vilas’, the abode of colors, which should help you design your perfect home. History lovers shouldn’t miss the Gandhi Museum which has some rare artifacts and pays an honorable tribute to the Father of our Nation. If you’re here in April, enjoy the celebration of the Chittarai festival with all night marches and chanting which give you a completely different perspective of the city and of each other!

Remember that you are only going to get to do this once! Don’t get so obsessed with details that you can’t actually enjoy but at the same time, plan properly. Consider both your likes and dislikes and basically what makes you feel alive. Then go with the flow! Make some memories which stay in your hearts and not just in photos. Hope you have a great time! Happy Honeymoon!

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