5 Popular Spots to Enjoy Nightlife in Delhi

The cultural capital of India, Delhi is the best place to satisfy all your travel desires. Be it UNESCO World Heritage Sites, that exhume brilliance in terms of architecture, or be it the lip smacking cuisine, Delhi has it all. A prominent commercial hub, the overflowing streets of Old Delhi still retain their charm. If Delhi is known for its history and the antique, the new and happening is not far from its grip. Delhi’s nightlife is amongst the most energetic in the country. Luxury lounges and world class bars open their doors to the party animal in you. Dance into the night and revel in the heart thumping beats at these spots in Delhi, for the ultimate nighttime experience.

1. Keya

Throbbing lights and a party atmosphere, Keya is a popular nightclub in South Delhi. Located in a lavish locale, the night club is always ready to host you and your friends for the best night of your life. The place has a lovely outdoor seating, for those who love the twinkling city lights, as well as a classic indoor nightclub. The floor is spacious, well planned out and perfect for letting your hair down. The place is famous for serving up some iconic drinks that are sure to titillate your taste buds. Head on over to this vibrant nightclub for a colorful night out in the town.

2. Blue Bar

Blue Bar
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A magnanimous building, the luxurious aura of this bar is captivated well by the building which houses it. The bar has all the ingredients you need to create a recipe for the perfect nightclub. Great music, excellent service and some iconic drinks, The Blue Bar scores highly on all these areas. The bar even has an open air space for a charming setting against which you can watch the night pass by- surrounded by the blinding lights and feet tapping music. The place is very well suited for a romantic evening with a special someone, owing to its great lounges and open air spaces.

3. Kitty Su

Kitty Su
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Kitty Su is an A list club in Delhi, hosting socialites and distinguished personalities. This place will hit all your internal checkpoints about what makes for a happening night out. The place is known for its head banging electronic music, produced by some of the best DJs in town. The club has multiple lounges with an assorted list of drinks, perfect for enjoying with your gang of friends. Grove to the music and have a memorable night in this club full of well-dressed people and an even more dressy environment. The place is only open for three days a week and remains so well into the night. Be assured that once you step into this club, you will be stepping out thoroughly entertained and immensely jubilant.

4. Lap

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The definition of luxury partying, Lap in the posh area of Chanakyapuri is an up and coming night club in Delhi. The place has comfortable seating as well as an exciting dance floor, where you can grove to international beats or Bollywood songs. The place has some great snacks served along with well curated drinks. The club also houses a lounge and a dining area for those looking to spend the night talking away to glory. It even has a beautiful garden outside. With the best local DJs in town invited to cast their musical spell, Lap is one nightclub you miss not miss in Delhi.

5. F Bar

F Bar
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In the heart of the city, F Bar in Connaught Place is an extremely popular spot in town to have a good time. With an expansive rooftop, the F Bar is perfect place for winter nights, when the cool breeze and the loud music can blend like a symphony to make your senses dance to its beat. The bar serves delicious snacks and some mind blowing drinks that will pull you towards the bar each time you drive past it at night. The captivating music invites you to let your hair loose and dance like no one’s watching. With breathtaking interiors and a hospitable staff, your time at the F Bar will only be full of joyous and exciting moments.

Grove to the beat and have a thrilling night with your party buddies at these incredible nightclubs in Delhi. Make every night a memorable one at these fantastic spots in town.

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