Top 5 Adventure Sports to Experience in Delhi

Delhi is known for a lot of things, being the historic capital of India being at the forefront of them. Apart from the glamorous heritage, the gorgeous natural tourism, the political significance and the legendary shopping and food experience, there’s a side to Delhi that’s a little underexplored, but vastly thrilling. It is the adventure sports scene of the city. The adventure sports are found in every from, from driving automobile crafts around dirt roads to water sports to being thrilled high up in the air. There are openings all around the year, and organizations dedicated to serving junkies too. They are hugely popular, and in case you want to be one with that crowd, stay with us as we count down the absolutely most thrilling 5 adventure sports Delhi’s got to offer.

1. Wall Climbing

Wall Climbing
Photo by NaomiBooth, CC0 1.0

This is one extreme sport that’s slowly gaining popularity in India, and has spread to different parts. Wall Climbing involves climbing high, steep and almost plain walls with small supports for hand and footholds along the height. It helps to make you fit, and requires a good trainer to supervise your efforts. Delhi’s Indian Mountaineering Foundation offers all this and more. It has equipment that is attractive and world class in quality, all at very reasonable prices. A must try.

2. Zip Flying

Zip Flying
Photo by Arjun Sharma, CC BY 2.0

Also, referred to as Zip Boarding or as the Flying Fox, this one transforms you into a human ropeway or vampire bat, whichever you like better. You are suspended at some height above the ground with a pulley or suitable equipment from a cord which you glide along. This is taught at places like Neermana, and is open a lot of times throughout the year. Good supervision is a must and we’d urge you to defs try this out.

3. Parasailing

Photo by markusspiske, CC0 1.0

Best done at Rocksport, Parasailing is a beautiful experience that feels like gliding through the air in a parachute. The parachute you’re tied to is huge, colourful and attractive and makes for great views. The parachute is power propelled, and as you come down you can see for miles around, or stall a few moments in the air and enjoy the vista better. Can be ventured into alone or with teams, primary requirements are perfect equipment and good guidance. You should definitely not give this a miss if you can handle the potential risk factor involved.

4. Paintball

Photo by Mfranck, CC0 1.0

This one is artsy as well as adventurous, and brings out the kid in you who wants to paint the town and walls red, blue, pink. This involves colour filled balls or other apparatus connected to your reach, and you wear protective gear and shoot at your target, people or things, or anything in front of you. This is an activity now getting wider coverage, and being a part at college fests and the like. Rockshot Paintball is a popular avenue, and you should definitely check this out. Create patterns of colour with your’ gun.

5. Camping

Photo by bhossfeld, CC0 1.0

Camping in and around Delhi is a unique and very enriching experience. It has all the traditional attractions to offer, you can watch lovely sunrises and sunsets, you can enjoy days in the wildernesses, and you see lots of lakes and trees all around. Delhi is quite popular with campers, and in case you need a break from the madding crowd, or want a reconnect with nature, go ahead. All suburbs including Haryana are popular spots.

Delhi is renowned far and wide, and it is only fitting that it distinguishes itself even in the latest tourist attraction, the adventure sport domain. From mainstream ones to obscure, quirky like wall climbing, artsy like paintball, rejuvenating like camping, or literally uplifting like parasailing, it has got it all. Delhi even has automobile sports and trails through forests on wood crafts, in case you want to find out more adrenaline. Hunt out a good trainer, usefully in places like Rocksport, check out convenient weather conditions, and get going, I say!

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