Top 15 Resorts Near Delhi NCR

Holding the credentials of the most populated city in India, the second largest urban area in the world and the second largest abode in India to the most affluent of the country, is the capital city of Delhi. Home to more than twenty-five million people, this city has been inhabited since 6th century BCE and has served as capital for many kingdoms and empires since time immemorial. It is also a hustling city of busy office-goers and students. A city in which the temperature can spike up to 50 degree Celsius in the summer months, there are rejuvenating resorts near Delhi where one can go to idle away from the traffic and chaos of an urban lifestyle. We list 15 resorts close to Delhi perfect for a calming holiday.

1. Botanix Nature Resort

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(Distance from Delhi – 62 kms approx.)

This relaxing and stimulating resort is located on the foothills of the Aravalli range, about 51 kilometers from Delhi and a short 20-minute ride away from Gurgaon. Offering many adventure activities, Botanix Nature resort is a perfect destination if you wish to take a break from your busy lifestyle and have some fun. Also providing facilities like nature walk and meditation, one can unwind amidst the beauty of nature and gaze over the Dumdum Lake, which is in close proximity to this resort.

2. Best Western Resort Country Club

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(Distance from Delhi – 22 kms approx.)

Located 45 kilometers from the National Capital Region (NCR), Best Western Resort Country Club is ideal for family get-togethers, weddings, banquets and parties. The early morning sounds of the peacocks and sweet chirps of birds prove to be a refreshing experience. In this resort, you can relax in the plush surroundings as well as enjoy a range of sports activities available here. Best known for delicious food served at the restaurant and a gorgeous swimming pool, Best Western Resort Country Club offers a rejuvenating stay close to the capital city.

3. Heritage Village Resort & Spa

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(Distance from Delhi – 56 kms approx.)

Emulating Rajasthani architecture in landscaped lawns and well maintained gardens, Heritage Village resort offers an environment of perfect tranquility. Situated in Manesar, 43 kilometers from Delhi, this resort is known for its gorgeous architecture, reinvigorating spa treatments and the lush swimming pool. An experience of luxury provided by this resort is incomparable.

4. Surjivan Resort

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(Distance from Delhi – 56 kms approx.)

Offering the serenity of sprawling green lawns and traditional ancient style accommodations, Surjivan resort provides an unparalleled experience of nature mingled with luxury. Located just 29 kilometers from Delhi, this resort provides an ideal setting either for a short picnic or just to be at ease in the beautiful surroundings. Delectable Rajasthani cuisine is offered here in a traditional setting with floor seating and accommodations are provided in huts with clay walls and thatched roofs but with all the all necessary facilities. A wide array of adventure activities like shooting, rappelling, zorbing, wall climbing, flying-fox, rock climbing etc., are also offered.

5. Kikar Lodge Natural Retreat

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(Near Lajpat Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi.)

Another charming resort located in the Nurpur Bedi District of Punjab, 275 kilometers from Delhi is the Kikar Lodge Natural Retreat. Offering a perfect blend of luxury and nature, the best features of this resort include revitalizing spa treatments in the Forest Spa, delectable food in the multi-cuisine restaurant, Pheasant’s Nest, an array of cocktails and drinks at the bar, Watering Hole and The Den, a silent place to meditate or read books or even just to spend some quiet time alone.

6. Camp Roxx

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(Distance from Delhi – 286 kms approx.)

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, 275 kilometers from the capital city, Camp Roxx offers an unparalleled experience in the lush green wilderness. Providing a variety of adventure activities that one can enjoy in the lap of nature, this resort offers 115 captivating cottages for a restful stay and scrumptious delicacies. Also equipped with a beautiful pond and a sparkling stream flowing close to it, the resort offers a memorable experience.

7. Aravali Resort

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(Distance from Delhi – 82 kms approx.)

Resting on 7 acres of land, 50 kilometers from Delhi is the gorgeous Aravali resort. It’s location close to the capital city gives it an edge of being one of the most favorable resorts near NCR. With the picturesque location and well landscaped lawns, this resort offers many fun activities one can enjoy with friends and family.

8. Hans Resort

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(Distance from Delhi – 27 kms approx.)

84 kilometers away from the capital, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature is the Hans resort. Ideal for business conferences, training programs, seminars and team outings, this gorgeous structure, constructed on a hillock, provides with luxurious stay, excellent cuisine and exceptional services. Offering all the necessary facilities, Hans resort is perfect for a soothing holiday.

9. Golden Huts Resort

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(Distance from Delhi – 105 kms approx.)

Snuggling in the lush green surroundings of the Aravalli hills, Golden Huts resort is situated 79 kilometers away from Delhi. Echoing the style of a tiny urban village, this resort is well known for its breathtaking infrastructure, palatial rooms, a serene environment and great facilities. Also serving Indian, Mughlai, Chinese and Continental cuisines, this resort ranks as one of the best in this region.

10. Neemrana Fort Palace

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(Distance from Delhi – 118 kms approx.)

One of the best resorts near Delhi, Neemrana Fort Palace is a 15th century heritage resort. Spread over 6 acres of captivating surroundings, this ancient resort palace offers 7 spacious and royal rooms for your comfort. Located on the gentle slopes of a hill, 119 kilometers from Delhi, the resort provides tranquil green gardens, multiple swimming pools, a spa for a refreshing experience and a panoramic sight of the surroundings.

11. The Westin Sohna Resort

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(Distance from Delhi – 74 kms approx.)

Enveloped by a green cover and dazzling water bodies, 64 kilometers from Delhi, The Westin Sohna Resort provides an exhilarating experience through its graceful architecture, an unequaled spa which offers Thai, Balinese, Chinese, and Ayurvedic treatments, a children’s play area and an unmatched fitness centre. Offering Premier Rooms, Premier Villas, Luxury and Presidential Villas, each accommodation being equipped with profuse range of services, this resort complements nature with a royal experience.

12. Mud Fort Resort Stay

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(Distance from Delhi – 84 kms approx.)

Situated in Kuchesar, 96 kilometers away from the capital city of Delhi, Mud Fort resort used to be the prime seat of the Jat Kingdom of Uttar Pradesh. This 18th century fort is one of the most beautiful heritage resorts in the country. Offered with generous hospitality are the palatial accommodations and a multi-cuisine restaurant in a mesmerizing sight of the fertile plains of the Ganges basin. This breathtaking resort still retains the remnants of the bygone British era and provides an exotic experience of the traditional India.

13. Golden Turtle Farm Resort

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(Distance from Delhi – 64 kms approx.)

An ideal spot for “de-stressing”, Golden Turtle Farm resort is set in a delightful location in Manesar, 71 kilometers from Delhi. Offering a reading corner, six beautiful and spacious rooms, a TV lounge, wonderful balconies, patios, a swimming pool, a football field etc., this resort is equipped with all the modern amenities. The 4 acres of well-maintained and landscaped lawns of this resort provide a peaceful and rejuvenating holiday experience.

14. Paradise Green Resort

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(Distance from Delhi – 47 kms approx.)

Located amidst the comfortable lush green surroundings, Paradise Green resort is 42 kilometers from the capital. Providing luxury rooms and a range of amenities for keeping you cozy, this resort also offers many adventure and musical activities which include captivating song and dance performances..

15. Dream Island Resort: Damdama Dreams

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(Distance from Delhi – 57 kms approx.)

Situated on the banks of Lake Damdama, Damdama Dreams resort is a relaxing site far from the clamor and chaos of the urban life. Perfect for some enjoyable activities like Artificial Rock climbing, Rappelling, Burma bridge, Trust Fall, Air Walk, Commando Net etc., this resort also provides a restful stay just 35 kilometers from the capital city of Delhi.

The delightful city of Delhi known for its glorious and wondrous monuments and rich history is now home to a large population of people who are indispensable cogs to the nation’s development. A break from this tenuous lifestyle is provided by these 15 charming resorts which promise you a relaxing and an enjoyable stay.

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