Purana Qila, New Delhi

Visitor Information

  • Famous For: History Buffs
  • Entrance Fee:5 for Indian Citizens, Rs.100 for foreigners, Rs.80 for Sound and Light Show
  • Visiting Time: 5:30 am to 7pm
  • Visit Duration: 1- 2 hours

Erected in 1538 by the Mughal King Shah Suri, Purana Qila is one of the ancient forts of Indian Capital Delhi and is an enthralling historical site beholding the majestic history of this city. The premises are almost in a five-mile area and there are three gates to enter the fort and also a moat nourished by River Yamuna. Being one of the oldest sites of the city, Purana Qila acquires a primary place in the itinerary of travelers exploring the ruling past of Delhi.

Old Fort
Photo by Jyoti Prakash Bhattacharjee, CC BY 2.0

Traveler Tips

  • Still cameras are permissible but charges are there for those taking video cameras inside the fort.
  • Beware of the mosquitoes during the evening here and although daytime is suitable, keep your ointments along to save yourself from mosquito bites.

Things to Do

  • For ardent shopaholics, there are plenty of markets to do shopping especially at Palika Bazaar, Connaught Place and Janpath.
  • Explore the nearby historical sites and relish the lip-smacking street food Delhi is known for!
  • If you are planning to visit it by evening, then the sound and light show is a must to watch.
  • Boating facilities are also catered at Purana Qila so can peddle around and sightsee this place in an offbeat way!

Availability of Guides

Guides are available at Purana Qila to tell you about this historical attraction and are well-conversed in both Hindi and English for local as well as foreign tourists.

Best Time to Visit

October to March is the idyllic time to plan a visit here and try to avoid coming here during the scorching days of summers. Winters and monsoons in Delhi are quite pleasant and thus are the best seasons to explore Purana Qila.

How to Reach

Pragati Maidan is the closest metro station to Purana Qila and this place is also well-connected through other public transportation. The closest airport to Purana Qila is Indira Gandhi International Airport and you can also hire a cab from anywhere in Delhi to reach this attraction.

Interesting Facts and Trivia

  • The three entrances of Purana Qila are the Humayun Darwaza, the Bara Darwaza, and the Talaqi Darwaza and the architecture is quite splendid and magnificent.
  • Also, there are three popular things to see at Purana Qila. These are Qila-I-Kuhna Masjid, Sher Mandal and the small museum situated within the premises. The Qila-I-Kuhna Masjid was constructed by Sher Shah on conquering Purana Qila from Humayun in 1541. Further, the Sher Mandal is currently an observatory in the figure of an octagon. It is believed that as per its structure, Sher Mandal was implemented for recreation and the unique architecture of this place confines to the Muslim and Hindu architectural brilliance. The small museum at the end is a haven displaying the glorious and splendid relics of Mughal times.
Old Fort Delhi
Photo by Russ Bowling, CC BY 2.0

Nearby Attractions

  • Delhi Zoo
  • India Gate
  • Children’s Park
  • Nizam-ud-din’s shrine
  • Connaught Place
  • Janpath
  • Palika Bazaar

Nearby Restaurants

  • Café Lota
  • Coffee day Xpress
  • Navanda’s
  • Lazeez Affaire
  • The Crystal
  • Occasion
  • Punjabi Xpress
  • Veg Gulati
  • Mandarin Express
  • Cookie Man

Hence, Purana Qila narrates the Mughal past of Delhi and is a magnificent site to discover in the country’s capital. Exploring this place, there are tons of things to do, be it boating, shopping, savoring the delicious delicacies and travelling around the other Delhi attractions, the Purana Qila draws tourists from all around the world visiting it to unravel the times of Mughal Kings in India and this place being a witness to those majestic times is a must one to explore in Delhi and will surely take you back to those magnificent times again!

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