India Gate, Delhi 

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: architecture, war memorial, republic day celebrations
  • Entrance Fee: No entrance fee
  • Visiting Time: 10AM to 6PM (Restricted access on national holidays)
  • Visit Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Serving one’s nation is the highest honour a citizen can do for his mother country. India has quite a long history of loyal citizens who laid down their lives for her protection. Never once have they turned their back on her and the India Gate serves as a tribute to those brave soldiers who fought with such dignity and courage.

India Gate
Photo by Larry Johnson, CC BY 2.0

Traveller Tips

  • Being the Nation’s capital, Delhi is always on full alert. You might be denied access to some of the tourist sites without proper identification.
  • No need to pack food or water, there are plenty of dhabas and food courts that function on the pathways.
  • You must not at any cost strew plastic bottles without care. If you don’t then you will also have to pay heavy fine.
  • If you want to visit the India Gate on special occasion you will need prior booking.

Things to Do

  • You can put some flowers on the memorial stone as a tribute to those braves few who laid down their lives for their country. There is nothing greater than honouring their memories.
  • Go for a long walk on the Raj Path- Royal Road and enjoy the majestic views of the surrounding landscapes.
  • Go for a bicycle tour along Raj Path, India Gate and Raj Ghat.
  • Indulge in the local flavours of Delhi. The dhabas strewn across the streets are perfect for treating your palate to some spicy and delicate flavours.

Availability of Guides

The Nation’s capital will never be short on guides. You can quite easily avail them right off from the streets in Delhi. But I would not advise this as there is a high chance of inconveniences later on. If you are in Delhi as part of a tour program then it is always wise to consult with your tour agency. Finding you the perfect guide is their responsibility. Or you can directly hire a guide who is registered with the official tourism department at Delhi. While travelling in stranger lands you need someone who is trustworthy and dependable.

Best Time to Visit

The summer heat in Delhi is scorching but one good thing about this is that people begin to retreat during this time of the year. The place would be less crowded and you can enjoy the place in all its beauty without any rush. But if you insist on the best climate to visit Delhi, then I guess it would be from July to October; a perfect balance between the heat and the cold. This way you avoid the scorching heat and the jittering cold of Delhi.

How to Reach

Located in the heart of the Nation’s capital, India Gate is well connected with the rest of the country. You simply have a lot of options. If you are travelling by air, then you better book a flight to the Delhi Airport. The Metro Station and subway stations are available in plenty and are located just a few kilometres apart. From the New Delhi Railway Station, it is only a mere 3kms to India Gate. You can walk this distance indulging in the various scenes that unfold on your way or you can either hire a cab or jump on to a rickshaw to reach the place.

Interesting Facts and Trivia about India Gate

  • A project initiated by the IWGC- Imperial War Graves Committee, under the British Government in India.
  • The war memorial rose up during a period of great political and social chaos in the country.
  • The foundation stone of the monument was laid in 1921 when Lord Chelmsford served as the Viceroy of India.
  • The All India War Memorial which is another name for India Gate was inaugurated under the Viceroy ship of Lord Irwin.
  • The main architect of the war memorial was Edwin Lutyens- whose skilful hands have carved many war graves and memorials across the globe.
  • Amar Jawan Jyoti which is situated in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in 1972, was inaugurated by none other than the ‘Iron Lady of India’- Indira Gandhi, commemorating the memories of the soldiers who passed away in the war of 1971.
  • The India Gate pays homage to the brave soldiers that died in World War 1 and in the Afghan wars, and their names are scribed for eternity on the walls.
  • The archway of the India Gate has striking similarities with the Arch of Triumph in Paris.
India Gate Delhi
Photo by Jay Galvin, CC BY 2.0

Nearby Attractions

  • Qutub Complex
  • Lodi Gardens
  • Akshardham
  • Lal Qila/ Red Fort
  • Humayun’s Tomb
  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib
  • Purana Qila
  • Rashtrapathi Bhavan
  • Garden of Five Senses

Nearby Restaurants

  • Monkey Bar
  • Pindi Restaurant
  • India Gate Restaurant
  • Gulati Restaurant
  • Krishna Di Kulfi
  • Dessert Parlour
  • Khana Khelana
  • Rounak’s Pastry Shop
  • Karachi Halwa House

With its head held high and standing with pride for the Nation, the India Gate is a vital part of the ethos of the land. The names of those soldiers who gave up their lives for their country are eternally inscribed on the walls. Their memories are kept alive by the eternal flame that burns inside the walls of the memorial. Bow down your head in humble reverence to the courage of those men and women who died for the greater good.

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