10 Fun Places To Hang Out With Friends In Delhi

No city can be complete without ‘Hangout places’ which can be enjoyed with friends. Even our national capital, which is linked with the presence of the army and other high level government offices needs to cater to its youth too. The supply has very well responded to the Demand and Delhi offers a plethora of interesting and fun hangout places. Whether you are a bunch of shopaholics or bookworms or just plain foodies, you’ll find more than enough options in this city. Here are a few interesting places to hangout with friends in Delhi:

1. Connaught Place

Photo by Connie Ma, CC BY-SA 2.0

This Wonder in White is the most popular hangout place in Delhi. The numerous stores, selling everything from clothes to shoes to watches attract the youth in large numbers in Connaught Place. There are food stores to suit every taste and budget including branded food chains as well as local food places. Even if the description sounds very similar to a mall, its unique architecture and culture make it a different experience altogether!

2. Paranthe Wali Galli

Photo by wildbindi, CC BY-ND 2.0

Chandni Chowk is a food lover’s heaven and Parathe Wali Galli is the tried and tested angel’s residence. The name is self explanatory where Paratha is stuffed Indian flat-bread and Galli is a lane. Here, Parathas are prepared with distinctive stuffing, which is also available in a plethora of choices from potatoes to cottage cheese. Cold Lassi, a yogurt-based drink, is the perfect companion to your parathas and the bottoms-up game a perfect entertainment.

3. Kitaab Bazaar, Daryngunj

Photo by Koshy Koshy, CC BY 2.0

Every Sunday, all book-lovers in Delhi have a field day at Daryaganj among dozens of book-sellers who can be bargained with and thousands of gorgeous books. Whether you are looking for a particular title or just want to explore, this is the place. Not only will you and your friends discover a lot more about each other, you’ll meet a lot of other book-lovers too!

4. Garden of 5 Senses

Photo by Kprateek88, CC BY-SA 2.5

Garden of 5 senses was built by the Delhi Tourism Corporation as a ‘Public Space’. It stands very true to its name as it is a journey for all your senses with the blessed views, fragrances, textures, tastes and sounds! You can take leisurely strolls or sit around in the Gardens while you talk about everything and nothing.

5. Agrasen Ki Baoli

Photo by Varun Shiv Kapur, CC BY 2.0

Sometimes, all you want to do is to sit and talk in an outdoor location far from the traffic and bustle of the city. Generally, the ideal destination is a Garden, but Delhi has another unique location- a Baoli which means a step well. At Agrasen Ki Baoli, the steps make ideal seating arrangements and the architecture forms a mesmerizing backdrop! But the best part is that it’s absolutely free!

6. Museum of Toilets

People with a healthy sense of humor will absolutely dig this place! It is what the name says- a museum of toilets right from the age before Christ to modern fixtures. The place is sure to spice up conversation and give you jokes and memories worth a lifetime! A good laugh is the best ice-breaker!

7. Hauz Khaas Social

When food is the priority of the evening, Hauz Khaas Social is the place to go to. Amazing ambiance formed by witty Hindi sayings posted everywhere and a gorgeous terrace-view of the lake. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. The drinks served here are very popular among the locals, especially the Ice tea. The atmosphere is very amiable to meet new people and make new friends.

8. Mocha Art House

When you are bored of drinks and want to do food and hookah instead, Mocha Art House is the most popular place in the city. Beautiful red-brick like atmosphere and delectable food is what brings the cult-followers back again and again. Art lovers will find a lot of paintings to admire and talk about as well, adding to the experience.

9. JNU Ganga Dhaba

Photo by Jai Pandya, CC BY-SA 2.0

Ganga Dhaba is as much a part of Delhi Culture as it is of JNU culture. Located inside the JNU campus, the place is swarming with politically active people, students, alumni as well as civilians. So if you like to pair your food with interesting, albeit intense debates about topics ranging from new government policies and election strategies to the latest Bollywood flick, you should definitely eat here.

10. Rajpath

Photo by Christian Haugen, CC BY 2.0

As the name says, the road of Rajpath gives one a royal feel. You can see the gorgeous buildings of the Indian Parliament and the intricate architecture. You can stroll along the road or experience the quirky rickshaws! The India Gate forms an interesting backdrop to your conversations. There are also amazing food choices from Momos, to Ice-creams and Cotton Candy!

Delhi being the incredible Metropolitan city it is, you’ll easily find a place where your gang fits in. That will take your experience to a new level and give you memories to cherish for a lifetime. Don’t hold back. Go explore!

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