10 Most Popular Churches in Delhi

The capital of the country, famous for a great many things to do and see, also has the most beautiful collection of churches in the country. With their intricate architecture, mesmerizing interiors and serene atmosphere, the churches of Delhi are a must visit for anyone wanting to really know the heart and soul of the city. Let’s go through some of the most popular churches to marvel at in the capital city.

1. Luke’s Church

Luke’s church, constructed in 1979, is a Roman Catholic place of worship present in the Defence Colony. The mass in this church is offered in the languages of Hindi, Malayalam and English, making it a place of bonding amongst people of different backgrounds. Primarily constructed to accommodate people from the army, this place has now become a point for different cultures to congregate.

2. Cathedral Church of The Redemption

Cathedral Church of The Redemption
Photo by Marshmir, CC BY-SA 3.0

Situated in the prime location of Delhi, just a little distance away from the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, Cathedral Church of The Redemption is one of the favourite churches of Delhiites. Constructed in 1931 with a breath-taking architecture and an amazingly serene ambience, this place easily becomes anybody’s first choice to spend some time in peace and revel in the magnificence of the structure.

3. Thomas Church

Popularly called the Red Brick church, this eye-catcher is located in R.K. Puram. The mind-blowing exterior was constructed with the Eastern Europe sophistication in mind by its designer, George Walter. The unique elegance of the building and its equally graceful interior, make Thomas Church popular amongst the South Delhiites.

4. Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Photo by Brady Montz, CC BY-SA 2.0

Situated in Connaught Place, Sacred Heart Cathedral is one of the earliest buildings around the area. The blend of Italian and English technique of design has made it a marvellous panache in itself. Also, being one of the largest churches, this Roman Catholic Church is located in a picture-perfect location with a regal interior.

5. James Church

James Church
Photo by Amanraj04, CC BY-SA 4.0

This stunning place of worship was constructed in 1836 under Colonel Skinner and hence is also named Skinner’s Church. Holding the title of the oldest church in Delhi, this beauty with its pale-yellow exterior is located near Kashmiri’s Gate. With its pure elegance, James Church is a must visit for any art lover.

6. Alphonsa’s Church

Alphonsa’s Church
Photo by Jovianeye, CC BY-SA 3.0

This dazzling structure, located in Vasant Kulj, is a phenomenal piece of glorious architecture. The scenic and calming ambience, with the intricate interiors make Alphonsa’s Church an amazing place to be lost in one’s thoughts and pray deeply. Mass in this church is even held in Korean as and when requested along with the languages of English and Hindi.

7. Teresa’s Church

The white vivacity of the exterior is what draws us to this delightful abode. Situated at Pushp Vihar, the whole church was renovated and opened in 1988. The blissful atmosphere and energy within the church premises, make Teresa’s Church a inviting way to take some time away from the edginess of daily life.

8. Green Park Free Church

Green Park Free Church, with its incredible simplistic architecture, has managed to become quite popular amongst members of all faiths. Situated in Sri Aurobindo Marg, the spirit of the surroundings and the artistic depictions are a cause of wonder and appreciation indeed!

9. Central Baptist Church

The European flair of the Church, located quite nearby the Red Fort, is seen in its frescoes, sculptures and carvings. Popularly known as the Mother Church, the flamboyance of Central Baptist Church is seen in every part of its structure and environment, making it one of the favourites of every visitor.

10. Mary’s Church

Situated in Chandni Chowk, the St. Mary’s Church is a different world in itself. The homeliness of the atmosphere is unreplaceable and ever pervading throughout its surroundings. With its dainty chapel, and well decorated walls, time flies away in this beautiful place.

The calm and soulful side of Delhi can be seen in these gorgeous masterpieces. To get lost in the true spirit of the city and to dwell into the past, these churches are the best places to visit.

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