India Habitat Centre, Delhi

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Culture, Art, Activities
  • Entrance Fee: Subject to reason of visit
  • Visiting Time: 10 AM to 8 PM (Daily)
  • Visit Duration: 2 hours to 3 hours

The India Habitat Center was developed by the authorities as a convention center where different kinds of ideas and activities merge. Initiated in 1993, this center changed the outlook of a traditional office into a modernistic environment, which has got various departments and certain spaces which are open to the public. Widely utilized by the general public for gatherings, luncheons, presentations, art exhibitions and music festivals, the center is synonymous with a vibrant culture of interconnected framework. The unconventional center has become the hub for people to gather and work out solutions to design a better functioning economy. With a wide range of cultural activities being carried out side by side, this location is the spot where our country is taking a step ahead.

India Habitat Centre Delhi
Photo by Sayamindu Dasgupta, CC BY-SA 2.0

Traveler Tips

  • Book in advance if you need to conduct seminars, meetings or parties in the premises.
  • If booked in groups, the cost will come down and is more economical.

Things to Do

  • Enjoy an evening out at the cultural hub which has a lot of activities like talk shows, music and theatre.
  • Marvel at the architecture of the building design which is quite functional and an eye pleaser.
  • Plan some parties and dinners at the venue where good ambience and food is available.
  • Stay over at the rooms provided in the hotels and check out the facilities in the complex.
  • The amphitheater is another must visit where various genres of music and theatre are performed by artists from all over the world.
  • The art gallery is world renowned for the widely different collection of paintings that it houses.
  • The Habitat Library is a storehouse of knowledge and can be used as reference for a wide genre of books and information.
  • The Lotus Pond is a tiny area which has got fishes in it and spreads an aura of serenity.

Availability of Guides

Since this is a multi-purpose environment where a lot of events are conducted, there is no need of guidance around the area. The staff are quite friendly and will help you when needed.

Best Time to Visit

The center has got activities throughout the year. Visiting it during any time of the year is possible as each month has got a separate list of cultural activities planned in advance. Visit the website to get to know the events in each month so as to attend events of your domain of interest.

How to Reach

Since it a cultural hub, it is present right in the heart of the city at Lodhi road. It is easily accessible by the metro with the nearest stopping being the Jor Bagh via the Yellow Line and the Khan Market through the Violet Line. Buses through this route always stop at this spot. In addition, cabs and auto rickshaws are available in plenty to ply you from anywhere in the city to this location.

Interesting Facts and Trivia about the India Habitat Center

  • The idea behind this center was initiated by the Housing and Urban Development Corporation of the country.
  • Once in two years from 2011, the Delhi Photo Festival was conducted in the center, after which the program shifted its venue in 2015.
  • The premises and the designing of the structure was done by the famed American architect, Joseph Allen Stein.
  • The architect has got a road named Joseph Stein Lane and a location nicknamed Steinabad for his contribution to the architectural sphere in the city.
  • The core concern is over the habitat of the region with the first Habitat Summit being organized in 2009.
  • The Visual Arts Gallery was opened to the public in 2000 to showcase artwork of both famed and amateur artists, along with seminars and workshops being conducted on related topics.
India Gate
India Gate, Photo by Jay Galvin, CC BY 2.0

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Nearby Attractions

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Developed while keeping the needs of the vibrant and dynamic society of the present in mind, this center has proved to be the point for ideas to emerge and contribute to the working of the challenging lifestyle. Visiting India Habitat Centre is perfect to unwind and relax while at the same time, it also provides us a larger perspective into a creative working environment.

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