Top 5 Places to Visit in Katni

Katni is a town in Madhya Pradesh with many laurels. It is also one of the largest rail junctions in the country and the second biggest diesel shed in the country is also located here. Katni is also a mineral-rich state, especially for lime and bauxite. Here are five places that will make your trip to Katni an unforgettable experience.

1. Vijayraghavgarh Fort

Located in the town by the same name in Katni district, Vijayraghavgarh Fort is one of the oldest and most beautiful forts in the state, as it was built in 1826. The fort is made from lime and sand stone and still stands as a proud remnant of history. There are many points worth seeing such as Antah Puram, Gupt Dwar, Samadhi Sthal, Rang Mahal, Sita Temple and so on. During the great revolt of 1857, the fort was damaged in protests.

2. Roopnath

Roopnath is a revered pilgrimage centre of the state and visited by devotees from all over the country. Located 3 kms from Bahoriband, the unique feature of the place is the five lingam or Panchlinga statue of Lord Shiva. Another feature are the three kunds or ponds that are situated one above the other. The topmost kund is the Ram kund, while the middle one is Lakshman Kund and the lowest one is the Sita Kund. It is believed that they stayed here during their years of exile.

3. Jagriti Park

Amidst historical monuments stands an urban park named Jagriti Park. Though you may find recreation parks in cities, in a place like Katni, it is a rare phenomenon. There are pavements that have been beautifully made and plantations have been lined up which make the place a beautiful sight.  Other attractions at the park are a science park and a duck train. The rides on the duck train are children’s favourite and it is always filled with giggling faces. There are also refreshments and fast food available, which makes Jagriti Park a great place to have a family picnic.

4. Bilhary

Bilhary is a place that has been archaeologists’ delight and a wonderful destination for tourists. The many sculptures present in the area give this place a historical and mythological significance. Bilhary was known as Pushpawati Nagri in ancient times and there were many temples in the region. Today, sadly, only one temple is present, which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is present nearby which is also a tourist destination. The temple is also known by the name Fort of Kamakandla.

5. Bahoriband

Bahoriband is a place with lot of religious significance, as there is a Jain symbol, a temple and a grave of Oliya Peer. Hence, this place is a major tourist attraction of the state. One of the main features of the place is a 12 feet statue of Jain Theerthankar, Shantinath. On the statue, there are inscriptions about the rulers of those times.  Also, many other statues are also found in the area including those of Lord Sun and Lord Narayan Shaishayani. A stone with the paintings of all the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu too has been found which is really a marvel.

There are also many historical monuments that make Katni a loved tourist destination. A visit to Katni is not only refreshing and fun but you get to experience a place that preserves nature. Don’t forget to add it to your bucket list!

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