Top 9 Places To Visit In Indore

Indore, the largest city in Madhya Pradesh, is located on the banks of River Sarawati and River Khan. It is considered the most planned city in the state. Rich in history and architecture, the land is also called as the ‘Commercial Capital’ of Madhya Pradesh. A nature lover or a tourist with an eye for architectural excellence, Indore is the place to be to admire, enjoy, learn and unwind. Here are the top destinations in Indore that give you an idea of what the city has for you to offer.

1. Central Museum

Central Museum in Indore is one of most frequented tourist destinations in Indore. It is also known as the Indore Museum. It has a rich range of collections that date back to 5000 BC. It has two galleries. One houses artifacts belonging to prehistoric period. The second gallery has carvings that depict Hindu mythology. The sculptures and other collections give an insight into the various cultures that thrived in this part of the land. One of the interesting collections here is the Ganapati statue, which at 8 meters height is the world’s biggest statue of Lord Ganapati. Central Museum may not be the top favorite with many but those who love history and are passionate about artifacts of the past, the museum occupies the number one place in the list of ‘to-visit destinations’.

2. Lal Baag Palace

Lal Baag Palace is undoubtedly the most beautiful palace in Indore. The construction commenced in the year 1886 and it was completed in 1921. The architecture of the palace is influenced by European style and is a blend of styles belonging to different periods. The gates of this impressive palace were cast in England and they are replica of Buckingham Palace’s gates. The interiors spell quality in every inch. Prehistoric artifacts, paintings and sculptures of the past and present are seen here.

3. Patal Pani Waterfalls

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Patal Pani Waterfalls is a famous tourist destination, which is situated 36 kms away from Indore. Water falls from a height of around 200 to 300 feet. With dense forests all around, not to forget mentioning the valley, the views from above are breathtaking. It is a great place to trek but you need to be very careful during rainy season. Since water flow is highly unpredictable, it is best to tour here availing the services of local guide.

4. Pipliyapala Regional Park

Pipliyapala Regional Park is a perfect destination for nature lovers. The beautiful Mughal, French and bio-diversity gardens and a wide range of fountains here make the place picture perfect. Theatrical activities conducted in the amphitheater inside the premises never fail to impress you. Boating facilities are also available here.

5. Rajwada Palace

Built over two centuries ago, Rajwada Palace is a fine specimen of architectural grandeur of the bygone era. Built by the Holkars of Maratha Empire, it is a fusion of Mughal, French and Maratha styles of architecture. The seven storied palace has two parts, the first one at the city’s center and the second is in the old town. The three lower floors are of stone and the top floors are of wood. Burnt thrice, the last being in the year 1984, the palace was rebuilt.

6. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

Covering an area of 5, Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary attracts tourists with its rich varieties of flora and fauna. The sanctuary was established in 1989. Situated in a perfectly picturesque setting with hilly region and breathtaking valleys, the sanctuary is heaven to nature lovers. If you are up to trekking, you may reach the hill top by trekking. If not, you may take a comfortable drive through the road. Some of the wild animals found here include sambar, leopard, barking deer and black buck. The most popular trees include babul bamboo, eucalyptus and teak. The fort at the hill top was used as a hunting spot back in 17th century.

7. Tincha Falls

Tincha Falls is 25 km away from Indore. The sight of the water falling from a height of 300 feet is breathtaking. The pond nearby adds beauty to the waterfalls, which resembles streams of milk gushing down with full force. You can swim here if you are here during non-rainy season. However, to enjoy excellent views of the falls, you need to come around rainy season.

8. Indore White Church

Indore White Church was built in the year 1858 and it is the oldest church in central India. It was earlier called St. Ann’s Church. The church is a fine specimen of European architecture. Experience the serenity of the place that relaxes you and soothes your soul, a believer or otherwise.

9. Gomatgiri

Gomatgiri, a small hillock, is a pilgrim center for followers of Jainism who visit the place to offer prayers in the 24 marble temples here. The 21 feet Gomateshwar statue is a replica of Bahubali statue in Shravanabelagola. The serene atmosphere spellbinds you. The views of Indore from here are quite good. Children would love viewing the taking off and landing of planes as Indore international airport is located nearby.

I skipped visiting some other destinations that I had originally intended to visit. While lack of time was the major reason, I have to admit that the scary comments about some destinations not being up to the mark forced me to give them a miss. I am not sure if it was a mistake but well, if I had the time I would have dared to visit. After all, once on a tour, you need to get a bit adventurous, right? Any helpful comments?

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