Top 5 Places to Visit in Chhatarpur

Chhatarpur is one of the oldest cities of Madhya Pradesh, having been founded in 1785. It was named after Chhatrasal, a famous Rajput leader. There are many places that make Chhatarpur a wonderful destination, but here are the top 5 places that will make your visit to the city a fulfilling one.

1. The Raneh Falls

Photo (Cropped) by Sagar Das, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Raneh Falls is a natural and beautiful waterfall which is formed when the Ken River falls from a height. There are small and big waterfalls here and are enveloped by picturesque surroundings. It is a nice place for family picnics and to spend some fun time relaxing in the company of nature, with the thrilling sound of the gushing water.

2. Ken Gharial Sanctuary

Located next to the Raneh Falls, the Ken Gharial Sanctuary is home to many wildlife species, along with many gharials. It is also a great place for bird watching as many migratory birds too can be spotted here. The landscape of the sanctuary with lush green forests and water bodies makes it truly a nature’s paradise. Apart from the monsoon period, the sanctuary can be visited anytime as it remains closed during rainy season. Also, a paid guide is mandatory if you wish to take a tour around the Ken Gharial Sanctuary.  You get many vehicles to reach the sanctuary.

3. Matangeshwar Temple

It is perhaps one of the oldest temples in India as it is believed to have been built around 1100 years ago, in the ninth century or so. The south portion of Matangeshwar Temple has been turned into an archaeological museum which houses many statues. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that sage Matanga is Lord Shiva himself and hence the name of the temple is Matangeshwar. It stands at a height of 8 feet and is built in yellow limestone. Unlike ancient temples where you can find carved pillars, the pillars of Matangeshwar Temple are plain but the ceiling is adorned with sculptures. The best time to visit the temple is during Mahashivaratri when a 10-day long fair is held at the temple premises. It is a time when local handicrafts, magic shows, circus, folk theatre and other forms of local culture are celebrated.

 4. Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum

Photo by Sagar Das, CC BY 2.0

Housed in a magnificent palace built by Raja Chhatrasal, it is a museum that showcases historical and religious symbols that stand as a proud reflection of our cultural heritage. The palace was built in 1955 but it is still going strong with its beautiful architecture. There are 8 galleries and each has different collections of artefacts. There are items from the Gupta dynasty, Kalachuri dynasty, Shakti cult and so on. Another collection worth seeing is of the costumes and weapons used by the Bundela Kings. It is located on the Chhatarpur-Nowgaon highway.

5. Chhatarpur Hanuman Tauria

Perched on one of the tallest hills in Chhatarpur, there are temples dedicated to Lord Ram-Sita, Lord Shiva in addition to the one dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is not only a religious place but it is also a great destination for tourists as you get to see the beautiful surroundings from the temple. Visitors can either take the stairs to reach the temple or a vehicle which can take you till the temple premises.

There are many historical as well as religious places that are of significance in Chhatarpur. So, if you are a history lover or one who loves to visit religious sites, then Chhatarpur should be your next destination.

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