Manasbal Lake, Kashmir

Manasbal Lake is situated amidst scenic landscape. On one side is Aha-thung, a low hill and on the other is a plateau. The depth of the lake makes it most beautiful and this is the deepest lake in Kashmir. Located 30 km from Srinagar, the place is birdwatcher’s haven as it is home to many aquatic birds. The well-maintained garden adds beauty to the lake.

Photo by Ankur P, CC BY-SA 2.0 

Though the lake is smaller than Dal Lake, it is cleaner as well. Hence, boat rides here are more pleasant. The water looks dark green in color and the lotus and lilies make the lake colorful. It is an absolute feast to your eyes. Since it has much lesser footsteps compared to Dal Lake, the place retains its natural beauty in its fullest form.

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