Apharwat Peak, Kashmir

Located at an altitude of 13500 feet, Apharwat Peak is a destination that you cannot afford to miss on your Kashmir tour. It is 13 km from Gulmarg and it is very near the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. Gondola ride, the term referring to cable car system, lets you have breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks. You can go hiking until you reach the first phase and opt for gondola for going to the second phase.

Photo by fran-42, CC BY-SA 2.0 

Being one of the highest places in the world, you will love your ride on gondola here. The second phase takes you above the clouds and it is indeed a breathtaking sight to watch clouds move below you. Apharwat Peak is also very popular for skiing, as the slopes are longest and highest of all ski slopes in Asia. If you are an adventurer, you will find it too hard a temptation to resist skiing here. Even if you are not up to the challenge, you will love the place for its sheer natural beauty that brilliantly spreads magic around.

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