Top 5 Places to Visit in Kupwara

Boasting of lush beauty through the shimmering lakes, wounding rocky mountains, the dense trees wrapping the paths and shrouding the unseen areas, streams gushing through the enchanting meadows and valleys that dazzle from far away, Kupwara draws visitors through its undeniable charm. Home to rich and exotic wildlife, this town rests at an elevation of 1,577 metres. Situated in the Kupwara district, which covers an area of about 2,379 square kilometres at an average altitude of 5,300 feet, in Jammu & Kashmir, Kupwara town holds sites of mesmerizing nature. Perfect for a great holiday experience, the 5 best places one should visit in Kupwara are detailed here.

1. Bangus Valley

Photo by Sachin aadi, CC BY-SA 4.0

An unexplored region, Bangus Valley is situated in the northwestern region of Tehsil Handwara in the Kupwara district. 128 kilometres away from Srinagar, this pristine site is perched at an altitude of 10,000 ft above the sea level. A unique blend of ecological systems can be found here including grasslands, flora, fauna, Coniferous forests etc. Sprawling over an area of more than 300 square kilometres, the valley is bifurcated into two: the main valley, known as “Bodh Bangus”, and the smaller valley or “Lokut Bangus”. Bounded by Chowkibal Mountains from the north and Qazinag and Shamsbery Mountains from the west, the valley is entirely enclosed by mountain ranges that seem to protect and hide it from all sides, giving a spectacular view at the same time. A hidden gem in Kupwara, Bangus Valley is known for the dense Coniferous forests and meandering streams that flow through it.

2. Lolab Valley

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A 25 kilometre stretch of pure shades of green of forests and pastures, Lolab Valley derives its name from Maharaja Lolo. With an average width of about 2 miles, the valley is oval shaped and lies 9 kilometres from the Kupwara town and 114 kilometres from Jammu. To witness Jammu at its best, one should visit Lolab Valley. Covered in forests of Deodar, the valley is a pathway for the lovely meandering stream of Lalkul or Lahwal. The demography of Lolab is distributed in about 30 villages in the midst of groves of chinars, walnut, apple, cherry, and peach trees. This valley is also popular for being in close proximity to the caves of Kalaroos.

3. Seemab Valley

Situated at the entrance of the Lolab Valley, Seemab Valley is an enchanting site of lush vegetation and holds a water body called as “Daal Kul” in the middle of it. Ideal for picnics as well as adventure activities, sports offered here include trekking and rock climbing etc.

4. Sattbarran Kalaroos

Located in the gorgeous Lolab Valley, Sattbarran Kalaroos is a unique sight. A place bathed in the ancient architecture, it is situated in the region of Kalaroos on the outskirts of the Madmadav village. The ancient caves dating back to the stone age are located on the backside of Sattbarran, where one can witness the hand paintings done on the walls dating back to the period of stone age. It is believed that these caves hold tunnels which lead till Central or North Asia, all the way up to Russia. The site also overlooks the vastness of the pristine Lolab Valley.

5. Chandigham

One of the most popular tourist destinations, Chandigham’s dense forests offer an excellent site for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts to unite. Activities like trekking and mountain biking are offered here providing ample opportunities to enjoy the unbelievably beautiful sights of nature to the fullest. 5 kilometres from Chandigham is the region of Dooruswani, another lovely tourist spot, the path to which is adorned with small thatched huts along the way, giving a peek into the culture and existence of the natives of the place.

A meditative site, Kupwara town is the unveilment of the most pristine sites of nature ever witnessed. Abode to innumerable wildlife, plant and bird species, these areas provide life among their breathtaking sights not only to humans who come to dwell in the raw serenity seeking peace and quiet. Various other charming places of Kupwara include sites like Dranyari, Rangwar Lalpora etc.

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