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Derived from the name of Raja Jambu lochan who established this district, the city of Jammu is the largest one of said division. Jammu is the winter capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, settled on the bank of River Tawi. The legend behind the founder of Jammu is well-known amongst the locals, and is a common discussion between tourists. The climate of Jammu reaches its peak during the summer and winter, with winter being a freezing yet adventurous time to visit. Tourism being the forte of the state Jammu and Kashmir, it also attracts pilgrims due to the famous Vaishno Devi temple. The beautiful city of Jammu has a lot of spots you can visit; some of them are as follows.

1. Bahu Fort

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Located in the city of Jammu, the Bahu Fort is said to have been built by Raja Bhau lochan on the banks of River Tawi. The fortress houses a temple of goddess Kali amid terrace gardens. The temple attracts pilgrims on weekends, and tourists visit the fort to look at the history of the Dogra kings who resided in the fort years after it was built. The temple is one that pilgrims visit after the Vaishno Devi temple, which is already a very popular pilgrimage centre of India.

2. Raghunath Temple

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The premises of the Raghunath Temple include seven different shrines, and it is the largest temple premise of Northern India. Built by Maharaja Gulab Singh, the temple is influenced by Mughal architecture. There are paintings in the complex based on the Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Gita. This temple was also part of the news when attacks happened by suicide bombers. Raghunath Temple is situated in the area known as Sui, with three doors of entry. Various Hindu gods and goddesses reside in the temple, and it is a sought after tourist destination of Jammu.

3. Peer Kho Cave

Another temple in the vicinity of Jammu is the Peer Kho Cave, which is a pilgrimage centre hosting a number of festivals throughout the year; those being, Shivratri, Raksha Bandhan, Shravan Poornima etc. The temple belonging to Lord Shiva is also a cave going by another name of Jamvant. The cave is adorned with Mughal and Dogra paintings and artistry that bring a very interesting addition to the shrine.

4. Vaishno Devi Temple

One of the most famous pilgrimage centres, the Vaishno Devi temple is visited by nearly 10 million devotees every year. The shrine is dedicated to goddess Mahalakshmi, who attracts a large number of pilgrims who come to pray and pay their respects to the goddess. It is popular throughout the world among Hindu pilgrims due to the belief that their wishes are fulfilled. The trek lasts for 12kms, and devotees walk up to the shrine to pray.

5. Gulmarg

Photo by Basharat Alam Shah, CC BY 2.0

The meadow of flowers, which is fondly known as Gulmarg is a famous ski destination in Jammu. Close to the Line of Control between India and Pakistan, this popular spot is located within the Himalayas. This ski spot attracts a number of tourists during the winter, and the beautiful mountains surrounding this area are a sought after site of the Jammu and Kashmir state.

6. Chadar Trek

Photo by Pradeep Kumbhashi, CC BY 2.0

Situated in the region of Ladakh, the Chadar Trek is a favorite site for trekkers. Also known as the Zanskar Gorge, this trek spans the frozen Zanskar River, famous as the most breathtaking and exploratory trek in India. This trek has appealed to tourists from all over the world, who visit during the time from January to February, which is the best time for trekking this area. The compelling trek is an extensive route of adventure that trekkers enjoy.

7. Patnitop

Photo by Saroj Kumar, CC BY 2.0

The striking hill station known as Patnitop is located about 112kms from the city of Jammu, close to the Chenab River. This hilltop is a destination for trekking and skiing, one that lures tourists in a large number throughout the year. Picnics and trips are taken by visitors on this plateau, and it’s a pleasant location to spend time in. Pony rides and trails of extensive and peaceful walks are an appealing factor.

8. Poonch

Poonch is a small town in the Jammu and Kashmir district, alongside those of Rajouri and Abhisara. The mountain range known as Pir Panjal is a famous attraction of Poonch. The place has a cool and tranquil climate even during the summers, but it gets quite cold in the winter. There is extensive history behind this town, and it is a factor that attracts tourists from all over the world.

9. Bhimgarh Fort

Photo by Plasmid, CC BY-SA 3.0

Being in the town of Reasi, this fort is also famous as the Reasi fort among locals. The gates are adorned with ancient Rajasthani artistry that add to its charm and popularity, even after having been renovated quite a few times, aside from the fact that it has been struck by earthquakes. The ruins of the Bhimgarh fort are still a sought after location for tourists, since it is surrounded by beautiful mountains, dense forests and it also offers a great view.

10. Mansar Lake

62kms away from Jammu, Mansar Lake is surrounded by thick, lush forests atop hills that give it a distinct splendor. The trek that tourists take to and from this lake is a very interesting and adventurous one. There are a couple of temples situated in the area of the lake, and devotees perform one or two rituals at this spot, since the lake is considered holy. It also holds mythological importance due to its mention in the Mahabharata.

Jammu being part of the Jammu and Kashmir state is the manifestation of paradise on earth. Tourism is the industry that Jammu has adapted over time, due to the scenic beauty and wonderful atmosphere of the region. This tourist location is a much sought after one throughout the world.

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