The Best Time to Visit Kashmir

Oh, Kashmir! We all know you. Everyone does. For good or for bad, this place has always managed to remain in the news. Sometimes as the Switzerland of the East, sometimes torn and blown apart by terrorism or unstable politics. But no one can deny that if its one place in India you should go to before you leave, it should ideally be Kashmir. Be the rolling Himalayas or snow white Sonmarg-Gulmarg, be it the majestic Dal Lake and Shikara cruises, Kahsmir is the adventure of a lifetime. Just for information, a Shikara is a houseboat. More so, you can shop in markets on water while riding these. How cool is that? Now, Kashmir is cold. That’s common knowledge. In summers, its pleasantly cool. In winter, it’s freezing. Literally. Snowfall is a major tourist draw for Kashmir. All you need is to go on!

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MonthsConditionsOur Recommendation
mid-May to mid-AugustYou will definitely enjoy the cool weather.Popular Tourist Season
March to mid-MayWitness the heaven on earth with the picture-perfect surroundings blooming this spring.Peak Time
September to NovemberThe gold and red hues of this autumn season is also favoured by many tourists.Ideal Time


Kashmir has tropical climate, one whose feature is quite hot summers and severely cold winters. The temperature in summer frequently reaches high peaks, in the thirties, but it doesn’t get uncomfortably hot like other parts of India thanks to the soothing presence of the Himalayas so close at hand. You can conveniently visit the hills and lakes and mountains without catching a cold.

Autumn in Kashmir could easily be called the most beautiful of the lot if the remaining seasons here weren’t So beautiful. Everything changes to orange yellow, true Robert Frost landscape style. There are fallen leaves everywhere on the wafting breeze, and you wouldn’t believe you weren’t in Europe. This is a very popular tourist season, and the temperature remains on the warmer side during the day. Mists are frequent. But the nights can get heavily cold pretty quickly, and definitely does once November comes close to setting in.

Remember the oldest piece of furniture in your living room? It is just so stoic and resilient. In fact, the resilience has become such a defining factor that it now has a barren look of having survived struggle, but it looks so good still and you couldn’t go a day without looking at it. Kashmir during winter is that way-barren trees and streets, but looking like a Christmas movie still in spite of all that. Snow white is strewn everywhere. It’s excruciatingly cold, and snowfall is something you get to watch very often. Extreme sports can be practised now, like skiing.

How to Reach Kashmir

Kashmir can be reached by air through Srinagar airport, which hosts flights to and from major Indian cities. You can reach Kashmir by rail, through the nearest Jammu railway station connected to major Indian cities as well. From there you can take road transport like taxis, to your hotel. Also, you can reach Kashmir by road transport like available buses from different parts of India.

Kashmir India
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What to Do and See in Kashmir

  • Dal Lake

The magnificent main water body that is as beautiful as it is enjoyable. Make sure to have a Shikara ride as well.

  • Sonmarg Gulmarg

Visit and enjoy these snow-covered beauties.

  • Zanskar

It has a famous lake and monasteries

  • Pahalgam

A famous tourist spot where one can camp, or visit nearby hills and amusement parks.

Kashmir has everything one could possibly need to enjoy a traditional or modern vacation, or write poetry. You could take in the Himalayas and floating spice markets at your pleasure, or sit back and let the snow fall and cover all around you. But when autumn comes calling, and you see the orange roads strewn with orange leaves from orange trees, who could possibly not wish to walk off into the deep with a beloved? That’s where the poetry comes form.

Happy touring!

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