Drass Valley, Kashmir

Drass Valley ranks second in the list of coldest inhabited places of the world, the first being Oymyakon in Siberia. However, the position now seems to have changed contrary to the existing list as global warming has pushed back Siberia to the second place and ranks Drass Valley at the top. It is situated at an altitude of 3230 m. Being a tight valley with cold winds blowing constantly, Drass is colder than many high altitude places on earth.

Photo by Narender9, CC BY-SA 3.0

It is referred to as ‘The Gateway to Ladakh’. Some of the attractions in Drass Valley include Zoji La pass and Puga Valley. Zoji La pass is where Drass Valley begins. Puga Valley has many hot water springs, which are considered to help health conditions related to skin and rheumatism. Hence, tourists throng this place every year. Trekking is very famous here.

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